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A project on Android Smartphones made by me..

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  1. 1. Elton Hoxha A’5
  2. 2. Android• Android – Android 4.0 – Discover New Apps• Discover Android – Android – Browser – Camera – Gmail – Maps – Voice typing – Android Beam – Face Unlock – Widgets• Android Market Collections – Getting Started – Getting Started with tablets – Calling all Gamers – Android Your Way – Out & About – 1st and 10• Develop Apps – Android Everywhere – Open Marketplace for Distributing Apps – Android Phones
  3. 3. Android 4.0• Android 4.0 is the latest version of the Android platform for: – phones – tablets – and others.• It supports: – easy multitasking – rich notifications – customizable home screens – resizable widgets – deep interactivity – adds powerful new ways of: • Communicating • sharing.
  4. 4. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Introduction videoClick here to watch the v
  5. 5. Discover New Apps Here• Android 4.0 brings an entirely new: – look – feel.• The: – lock screen, – widgets, – notifications, – multi-tasking – and everything in between has been rethought and refined to make Android: • simple • beautiful • beyond smart.
  6. 6. Android• Android powers millions of: – phones – tablets – and other devices, and brings the power of Google and the web into your hands.• With: – an amazingly fast browser – cloud sync – multi-tasking – easy ways to connect & share the latest Google apps your Android powered device is beyond smart.
  7. 7. Browser• On Android browser you can: – View multiple open pages at once – use incognito mode – sync your Google Chrome bookmarks – save any web page to read when you’re offline- -handy for: – train schedules – news articles.
  8. 8. Camera• Android makes it easy to: – shoot – edit – share • Photos • videos quickly.• With one-touch sharing, you can: – share immediately with family and friends. – you can even use your camera to video chat with Google Talk – or participate in a Google+ hangout.
  9. 9. Gmail• Gmail makes mobile email: – fast – fun – approachable.• You can swipe between conversations to: – catch – search for emails even when you don’t have a data connection.• With: – seamless contacts integration – instant access to your latest mail Gmail can play a crucial role in your online experience,.
  10. 10. Maps• Google Maps on Android comes with: – Places – Latitude – Navigation – Street View.• Get free GPS navigation for: – Driving – Walking – Public transit directions to easily find your way.
  11. 11. Voice Typing• Android listens to you.• Use your voice to command your device.• Use voice typing to type: – emails – SMS – or even search the web.• More than 20 languages supported.
  12. 12. Android Beam• Sharing with people close by has never been easier or quicker.• Use Android Beam to share: – contacts – web pages – YouTube videos – Directions – Apps —all with the power of Near Field Communication (NFC).• Just touch two NFC-enabled Android devices back-to-back, then tap to beam whatevers on the screen to your friend.
  13. 13. Face Unlock• You can now open some Android devices with a smile.• Just grab your phone with one hand, turn it on, and look at it—and youre in.• No complicated passwords to remember.
  14. 14. Widgets• Widgets let you interact with your favorite apps right from your Home screen.• You can add and resize your: – calendar – email feed, – important Google+ posts, so the important stuff in your life is right there within reach.
  15. 15. Explore Android Market• With hundreds of thousands of apps, Android Market has the right ones for you.• When you download apps, theyre delivered directly to your device—instantly.• You can also find: – your next first-rate read – a hot new album – a flick from a catalog that includes: • movie blockbusters • best selling e-books to more than 8 million songs.
  16. 16. Getting Started• New to Android???• Whether you are looking for: – a great game – ways to stay connected – ways to stay informed on the go, these apps will help you make the most of your new phone.
  17. 17. Getting Started With Tablets• Start using your tablet to: – have more fun – stay more informed – be more productive with this collection of stellar tablet apps.
  18. 18. Calling all Gamers• Whether you want two minutes or two hours of fun, Android Market has a game for you.• Check these out to get started.
  19. 19. Android Your Way• Make your phone as unique as you are.• Customize your Android device to match your tastes and habits with great apps from Android Market.
  20. 20. Out & About• Turn your Android device into your travel advisor and chairman of fun with apps that make exploring far flung locales (or your hometown) easier.
  21. 21. 1 and 10 st• If you think that "football fan" is an understatement, then these apps are for you.• You can: – Check for scores – rep your team – get yourself into the game and more with this collection for football die- hards.
  22. 22. Android Everywhere• Android is reshaping the way people communicate.• It’s in your: – Phone – Tablet – wrist – Car – TV – Camera – home – and at the store.• It’s a new and almost unlimited landscape for app developers — welcome to the exciting world of Android everywhere!• Android gives you: – an open platform for developing any app you can imagine – and an open marketplace for: • distributing • montetizing your products to a large and growing user base.• Whether you are starting a business or just have a great idea, Android has: – the platform – tools – and devices to make it happen.
  23. 23. Open Marketplace for Distributing Apps• Android Market is the premier marketplace for selling and distributing apps to Android users around the world.• When you publish an app on Android Market, you reach hundreds of millions of customers in over 130 countries.
  24. 24. Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S2 HTC Sensation HTC Desire S XE Sony EricssonSony Xperia S Arc S Some of the best Android Phones In the Sony world today Ericsson Sony Ericsson Xperia Xperia Ray Mini / Mini pro Samsung Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Note Nexus Motorola Razr