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The Devops Cross-words Puzzle

Test your DevOps Knowledge...

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The Devops Cross-words Puzzle

  1. 1. Across 4. deploy to production more frequently than you can shoot a photo on your phone. and have been doing it for many years now. 6. Father of Extreme Programming and now a distinguished software engineer at Facebook. 8. only slightly less trendy than "Mobile" 12. security tool where Gene Kim was CTO 13. without it continuous is very hard 14. Salesforce is one of the first companies to drive this trend 15. care mainly about delivering value to production 17. The Don of Product Development Flow 19. the bird that rose from ashes and a great DevOps book Down 1. used to store grain as well people in functional organizations 2. one of the main reasons we need to iterate 3. we like to get it early and often 5. the tool that used to be called Hudson. 7. Integration, Delivery, everything. 8. master of the kitchen as well as turns infrastructure into simple code 9. care mainly about uptime and availability 10. indication of availability 11. release should be routine, not this 16. Build, Measure, 18. not just a video streaming service but also one of the great DevOps companies out there The DevOps Puzzle http://www.agilesparks.com/services/devops

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    Feb. 6, 2015
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Test your DevOps Knowledge...


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