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Putting Entrepreneurial Ideas into Action | Yuri Vanetik

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Making the jump from an idea to a business isn't a one step process.

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Putting Entrepreneurial Ideas into Action | Yuri Vanetik

  1. 1. PUTTING YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTION Building from an entrepreneurial idea to a business YURI VANEITK
  2. 2. 0 1YURI VANETIK TURNING VISION TO REALITY When you have a vision for a business, it can be difficult putting it into action. You may have a great idea, but completely lost on  how you should move forward with turning that concept into a tangible business. There are quite a few small steps you’ll need to take, like finding people who can work for your business, finding the funds to start it, filling out the correct paperwork, and making a name for yourself. While these steps are all very important, there are also bigger picture ideas that will greatly benefit you and can help actually turn your business idea into action.
  3. 3. 0 2YURI VANETIK IDENTIFY A NEED You may have some idea of what industry you want to begin your business in and you maybe even know what you’d like your business to do, but if it’s an industry that doesn’t need your services, what should you do? In order to create a new business, it’s vital that you identify a need in the industry where you’d like to work. If you can pinpoint an area that needs improvement or assistance, you’ll find it much easier to turn your idea into reality. When I started my company, Dominion Partners, I saw there was a need for real estate investing and went from there.
  4. 4. 0 3YURI VANETIK TIME MANAGEMENT Starting a business is a lot of work. I get up early in order to make the most of the day ahead of me and be as productive as possible. I go from calls, to meetings, to the gym, to the office and that’s a normal day! Take time to create monthly, weekly, and daily schedules and stick to them as much as possible. Work toward not wasting any time throughout your day. Proper time management is a skill you should begin developing, even before you start your business.
  5. 5. 0 4YURI VANETIK LEARN FROM MISTAKES It’s vital that you encourage your curiosity and take risks, but you also must learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect so you won’t run a perfect business model, but you can always look for opportunities and ways to improve. What you learn from your mistakes will make you and your business better in the future.
  6. 6. 0 5YURI VANETIK TAKE PERSONAL CARE OF YOURSELF As you work on your time management skills, it’s important you schedule time for self-care. You need to do something you enjoy and take care of your physical and mental well-being. No matter how busy you are, get enough sleep and find just half an hour of your day to do something unrelated from work that you purely enjoy. The one habit I refuse to take time away from is working out. I believe in order to be successful in your business, you must take care of your body and stay healthy.