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How to run asp.net on virtual server for $5 per mo

Contains the list of steps to host your fresh new ASP.NET Core application on cheapest Linux-based Digital Ocean VDS using Dokku and Docker containers.

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How to run asp.net on virtual server for $5 per mo

  1. 1. How to run ASP.NET on virtual server for $5/mo and why you should not do this by Yuriy V. Silvestrov @ysilvestrov
  2. 2. About us Yuriy V. Silvestrov 15+ years record in IT, 10+ years devoted to managing projects. Differrent occupations from Program Manager to CTO and confounder of two startups. At the moment I am working as a Senior Development Manager for Oracle and also one of the co-developers of Spillikin. Facebook: fb.com/ysilvestrov Please visit my website http://yuriy.silvestrov.com for more info or contact me at yuriy@silvestrov.com. @ysilvestrov
  3. 3. About lection Based on my own experience  Useful for startups and pet projects  Not the right way, not the best way, but the working one. @ysilvestrov
  4. 4. @ysilvestrov Time is counting ⌛ < 30
  5. 5. @ysilvestrov How many of you  Have tried ASP.NET Core?  Have run ASP.NET on Linux?  Have tried Heroku and/or Dokku?  Are Dokker Experts?  We’ll try to adapt @ysilvestrov
  6. 6. @ysilvestrov Content  What’s this all about? ◦ The real task ◦ Why ASP.NET ◦ Where to host?  ASP.NET Core ◦ Preparation ◦ Containers ◦ Remotely and locally  Pros and Cons  Q&A @ysilvestrov, @valkovnet
  7. 7. @ysilvestrov The real task
  8. 8. @ysilvestrov Why to choose ASP.NET @ysilvestrov
  9. 9. @ysilvestrov Why not to buy cheap server or host on Azure  Azure  VDS (Win)  AppHarbor  VDS (Linux) @ysilvestrov
  10. 10. @ysilvestrov Solution – Digital Ocean @ysilvestrov
  11. 11. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core: preparation  Download latest VS 2015 and install https://www.microsoft.com/net/core#windows  Download latest ASP.NET Core and install https://www.microsoft.com/net/core#windows  Check if everything is working by running tutorial https://docs.asp.net/en/latest/getting- started.html @ysilvestrov
  12. 12. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core & container: locally  Download and install Docker for Windows https://www.docker.com/products/docker#/windows  Download and install Kitematic right from Docker menu  Install VS tools for Docker https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/0f5b2 caa-ea00-41c8-b8a2-058c7da0b3e4  Create Ubuntu host with Kitematic  Run DockerTasks.ps1 as described in VS tools above  In Kitematic you'll see new container. Open WebPreview in browser and enjoi :) @ysilvestrov
  13. 13. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core & container: remotely - registration  Register on DigitalOcean. You can use my referral link, if you'd like https://m.do.co/c/61f8c0f9852c  Create a droplet ◦ OneClick apps: Dokku ◦ Size: smallest ($5/mo) ◦ Choose region (I personally like Amsterdam) ◦ No additional options (especially IPv6 - there is a bug with it) ◦ Enter the droplet name ◦ Add key (or create new one)
  14. 14. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core & container: remotely - setup  Setup Domain ◦ On your DNS provider, add 2 DNS records  your.domain A DropletIP  *.your.domain A DropletIP  open Dokku on http://your.domain ◦ Check the key ◦ Change hostname to your.domain ◦ Check "Use virtualhost naming" ◦ Click Finish setup
  15. 15. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core & container: remotely - tools  Install tools ◦ Git for Windows ◦ PuTTy ◦ Add your keys to pageant (installed with PuTTy) ◦ Open your.domain in PuTTy to cache the key
  16. 16. @ysilvestrov ASP.NET Core & container: remotely - deployment  Push your app ◦ Open Git Bash shell ◦ cd /c/path/to/your/project/bin/Docker/Release ◦ copy Dockerfile on this level from [projectname] folder ◦ git init ◦ git add . ◦ git commit -m "First commit" ◦ git remote add dokku dokku@your.domain:your-app- name ◦ git push dokku master ◦ If everything is OK, you should see "=====> Application deployed: http:/ /your-app- name.your.domain ◦ Open that URL and enjoi :)
  17. 17. @ysilvestrov Why the heck the Spillikin API is done using NodeJS?  Limited DB support (apart from SQL Server – PostgreSQL + SQLite)  Too many changes in naming etc. (k => web => dotnet)  Too many changes in interfaces etc.
  18. 18. @ysilvestrov Questions? ??? @ysilvestrov
  19. 19. @ysilvestrov Thank you! yuriy@silvestrov.com