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Youth Branding

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Youth4work.com helping you reach out to Youth.

We help Brands Influence, research and advertise/sell to 3M direct + 100M indirect reach.

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Youth Branding

  1. 1. Youth4work Innovative. Quick. Easy. Marketing & Advertising Solutions www.Youth4work.com
  2. 2. Youth4work.com is the one of the fastest growing skills platform for Youth in India. We are building Intelligent Assessed DATA on people which helps - Youth : to know where they stand for their talents and get Upskilled + Opportunities. -Employers : to find and recruit the best talent. - Advertisers : to reach out to & engage with the Perfect TG for their brands. Who We Are Youth4work
  3. 3. 68.95 22.03 3.992.921.450.66 AGE DEMOGRAPHICS 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 50.81 49.19 48 49 50 51 Male Female GENDER Sales 33.41 66.6 0 20 40 60 80 Desktop Mobile SITE USAGE Sales 1.5 Million+ Visitors / Month (Unique) 11 Million Page views / Month 1.5 Million Mobile app downloads 68 Million+ Tests Attempts 12,300+ Colleges 16,500+ Employers 62,000+ Jobs 3 Million Profile Youth4work
  4. 4. Website 15.9 Lakh Monthly active users Mobile 11.5 Lakh Monthly active users Website 110,000+ Daily active users Mobile 39,000+ Daily active users Youth4work
  5. 5. What makes Youth4work Unique Youth4work
  6. 6. Never ever I could search people with specific skills so faster. There are numerous talented profiles to look here. Chandni Raj Enigma Telecom Ltd., Noida This is an amazing platform where I’ve been able to assess myself on my IT talents. I’m yRank 1-3 in most IT talents in Bengaluru. Shrishail Shankar Bande Java Developer, Bengaluru I got contacted by many companies after I got good ranks in Event Management and Marketing talents. Swati Sharma Creative Talent, Delhi We wanted to reach-out to young creative people for our new product launch offers. Interestingly, Youth4work gave a good targeted audience to us! Sudhish Sitaram Adobe Systems (I) Ltd., Bengaluru Youth4work
  7. 7. Marketing Opportunities 1. Influencer Marketing 2. Targeted Emails/Display ads 3. Market Research Youth4work
  8. 8. Influencer Marketing Youth4work
  9. 9. Influencers in Tier2/3 towns across India We have 65% traffic from Tier-2/3 towns, ~17 Lac registered users fromTier-2/3/4 towns in India Campus Influencers We recently did Direct tie-up with MHRD where all students are mandated to build skill profiles on Youth4work, That’s over 6000 institutes where we have at least 100+ students registered eg. IIT Guwahati Young Female Influencers (18-30) Youth4work has about 9 Lac females registered. Many more visitors Youth4work
  10. 10. Targeted Display / Email / Lead Campaigns Youth4work
  11. 11. Targeted Display / Email / Lead campaigns for Younger demographic, that can be targeted for specific age, gender, profession, skills (computer programming, JAVA, C++, marketing, HR etc.) and education Our Email campaigns regularly see open rates of 20%+ and click rates of over 5%. & feedbacks based on Skills, Interest, location, gender, age, education etc. Youth4work
  12. 12. Market Research Youth4work
  13. 13. Our growth rate has surpassed that of Naukri.com - we are adding 15,000 new registered users every day (Naukri adds about 12 K a day). I'll be happy to get on a call with you, and share some of the insights and experiences about the this market, and explore if it makes sense to partner up for a project. Do let me know if you'd be open to a quick, 10-minutes call, sometime this week or next ? We have the right Target audience where we can reach and get your market research done very effectively. Youth4work
  14. 14. User Statistics Youth4work
  15. 15. Engagement on Website • Bounce Rate: 32% • Time Spent on Site: 08:03 Desktop 33% Mobile + Tablet 67% Mobile/Desktop SPLIT Desktop Mobile + Tablet Youth4work
  16. 16. Affinity category Social Media Enthusiasts Business Professionals Music Lovers/World Music Fans Mobile Enthusiasts Travel Buffs Shutterbugs TV Lovers News Junkies/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies Movie Lovers/South Asian Film Fans Technophiles Youth4work
  17. 17. In-Market Segment Financial Services/Investment Services Telecom/Mobile Phone Service Providers Software/Business & Productivity Software Financial Services/Banking Services Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones Employment/Career Consulting Services Employment/Government & Public Sector Jobs Education/Test Preparation & Tutoring Education/Post-Secondary Education Employment Youth4work
  18. 18. Other Category Youth4work
  19. 19. Some Data Points on Users Detailed Targeting through talent board Youth4work
  20. 20. Filter candidates according to • Talent • Course • Location • Specializations • Preparing for • Experience • Gender • Colleges • Email verified • Mobile verified • Resume Youth4work
  21. 21. Get the perfect target audience you’ve been looking for, to communicate your products, services and ideas. Unleash the power of reach and diversity to get most relevant feedback for your questions. Marketing Communication Market research Youth4work
  22. 22. Rachit Jain Founder & CEO, Youth4work.com rachit@youth4work.com , 91-9910004312 Let’s Discuss Possibilities of Branding/Marketing to Youth