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How to Operate as a CEO

A CEO is the leader of a team, and as such needs to foster an atmosphere of productivity and growth in order to be effective. Check my presentation to learn more about how to be a great CEO.

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How to Operate as a CEO

  1. 1. As a CEO you have the task of taking all the people you know, putting them in one place, and then living with them. That is what goes into building a company and sustaining it. A CEO has the important role of balancing efficiency with agility.
  2. 2. A brief statistical view on the operational effectiveness of a CEO
  3. 3. 50% of global CEO’s work on increasing operational effectiveness as one of the top three investment priorities.
  4. 4. 89% Focus on increasing engagement with customers and clients.
  5. 5. 70% plan to implement a cost reduction initiative.
  6. 6. work on diversifying their supply chain. 50%
  7. 7. 47% Entering into a new strategic alliance is the 1st priority of CEO’S
  8. 8. plan to outsource a business process or function to minimize cost. 31%
  9. 9. The top 5 priorities of a CEO Filling talent gaps- 51% 49% 38% 32% 27% Growing the customer base- Improving operational effectiveness- Enhancing customer service- R&D and innovations-
  10. 10. Roles to play to operate like a CEO USE TRIAGING Triaging is a medical term that refers to the process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment . A company at start is burdened with many tasks. As a CEO, it is your 1st responsibility to understand the issues that are fatal and those that are less urgent and allocate time accordingly.
  11. 11. EDIT AND SIMPLIFY People can’t understand and keep track of a long complicated set of initiatives. One of the most important tasks of a CEO is to clarify and simplify tasks for everybody on the team. The higher the level of simplification, the higher the success. Simplify every initiative, every product, every marketing task and everything you do. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  12. 12. FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT MATTERS MOST Narrow down the things that matter most for the growth of the company and focus on those. When you narrow down the focus you are faced with fewer distractions, which allows you to make prompt decisions. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  13. 13. CREATE A CONSISTENT VOICE There should be a consistent voice across the company. Whether it is on your website, PR releases, blogs or any other place, it should feel like it is being written by and voiced by a single person Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  14. 14. ALLOCATE RESOURCES As the CEO you should have the vision and understanding of market demands. Your allocation of resources should be perfectly synced with your current business focus. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  15. 15. DELEGATE TASKS 80% of your results come from 20% of your talents and activities. Delegate the 80% of your activities that only produce 20% of your results. CEOs should think, lead, and delegate -- not handle trivial matters. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  16. 16. PROMOTE TALENT There might be many employees in your company, but not all of them are talented, and not all of them have what it takes to go the extra mile and deliver the result. Identify those people and reward them. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
  17. 17. BUILD TEAMWORK AMONG COLLEAGUES AND DEPARTMENTS Build teamwork using the knowledge and experience of the company's managers and employees A CEO should create an atmosphere that fosters teamwork and recognize jobs well done. Roles to play to operate like a CEO
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