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Achieving Customer Excellence with Vimpelcom

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An overview of how Telecom operator Vimpelcom is creating a standard of customer excellence across international markets with FRTRSS Ambassador Promotions.

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Achieving Customer Excellence with Vimpelcom

  2. 2. “ VimpelCom is a top 10 telco operating around the globe. They want their 60.000 employees working in 19 countries to become aware on the subject of Customer Excellence.
  3. 3. VIMPELCOM QUIZ FRTRSS created the VimpelCom quiz focusing entirely on Customer Excellence. This quiz is part of FRTRSS ambassador technology and allows VimpelCom to identify passionate employees as thought leaders.
  4. 4. FACTS - Rolled out in 19 different countries in 4 languages - 60.000 employees - Explanatory video to support questions - Questions about Customer Excellence - Collect individual stories - Compete on individual and group scores The quiz created competition between countries and was promoted by HQ and by local business units as well. Bangladesh even created special promotion material to train their employees prior to the quiz launch!
  5. 5. RESULTS From a total of 60.000 employees 25,602 contestants finished the quiz. This results in a world wide participation rate of 43%
  6. 6. Personalized infographic showing your score and that of your business unit. It also offers suggestions of actions you can take right away to improve Customer Excellence.
  7. 7. Real time infographic showing results per country as embedded on global intranet.
  8. 8. “ 77% of participants recommend this quiz as a way of learning!
  9. 9. www.frtrss.net