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Partnership brochure

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Partnership brochure

  1. 1. RenewYourportfolio We’re looking for partners or distributors who wish to expand the quality and value of their products and services and meet the demand in Document Management. To achieve this, we provide a value diferentiator (Intelligent Document Management) which allows us to improve the rest of ECM and Document Management vendors. In addition, our product Athento has other advantages such as the existence of vertical solutions already developed for different sectors such as government, health and so on.Advantages Win-Win relationship. Our goal is for our partners Multiple formats. Our products can be installed to have a product differentiator enabling them to on customer premises (On-premise) but can also be increase their sales. In addition, we help with the deployed in the cloud following a SaaS -Software marketing materials, joint outreach campaigns and as a Service- paradigm (with cloud computing so on. deployments). Expanding range of innovative products and Multilingual products. services. Our partners benefit from our catalog of products and services, being able to expand their Access to our products at lower cost. offers to their customers. Our products are quite Our partners can obtain our products and services unique worldwide today. at a rate lower than the official one. Availability of resources. We offer our partners Transparency in our pricing. Our products always entirely free resources such as development servers, have the same prices. This is true regardless of applications for demonstrations, technical whether a customer contacts us with a partner or a assistance, etc. distributor. We do not compete with our partners. But we do We enjoy working with our partners to create new collaborate with them on projects or in services. products, conduct adaptations to our platforms, We are aware that our partners are our allies. carry out customized developments, etc.
  2. 2. Advantages for your company Athento improves your offer by adding innovation and novelty. Joint Marketing: Webinars, Conferences, Press Releases etc. Commercial and technical advice. Increased profitability and growth stimulation for your business. Business resilience. Partnerships among companies are always a sign of confidence. Helping your company become more competitive.International InnovationWe welcome the establishment oftechnological or commercial agreements withcompanies around the world. Currently we workwith companies based in Europe, U.S. and LatinAmerica.Due to the rapid growth of our technology,Yerbabuena Software has a branch in SiliconValley, Yerbabuena Software Inc.
  3. 3. We are an innovative company founded by a young team of professionals whose dedication and passion is the development of technological applications, with emphasis on Intelligent Document Management solutions. We have extensive experience in domestic and international markets and business insight that helps us understand the specific needs of customers, applying our products as customized solutions. Yerbabuena Software’s vision is to “be an international reference in the field of technological innovation and the development of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.” A vision that is complemented by a strong commitment to our own environment, both internally and externally, based on the values: Empathy, Freedom, Intelligence and Efficiency.Madrid - Málaga - Sevilla - Silicon Valley