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Ramadan Campaign Review 2016

  1. Last updated on 6/23/2015
  2. m/watch?v=zMPfxQunIR w Concept: Showing the different hardships of Ramadan, but that orange will help you with it all. 4 videos over the duration of the month Reaction: Majority of positive reactions as it is very relatable and catchy. Statistics: 9,761,933Views on Facebook 13,863,346 views onYouTube Orange
  3. om/watch?v=wtGnenS S9_o Concept: Themed to El Leila Elkeberrah Family together concept With 11 star appearances Reaction: Majority pleased Statistics: 5,862,858 views on YouTube 20,462,531 viewsViews on Facebook Vodafone
  4. om/watch?v=qxan2oF mqUk Concept: Footballer El Neny as star appearance Inspirational video of success for tomorrow Reaction: Positive reactions on the video with people enjoying the humor and inspiration Negative reactions on the video with the people not enjoying the extreme notions portrayed in the video. Statistics: 6,069Views on Facebook 467,033 views onYouTube Note: Complications occur as video is taken off YouTube and republished. Etisalat
  5. om/watch?v=DvO8zW ZUgwI Concept: Etisalat comes out with a video ad a few days before Ramadan, but it is unclear whether it is a summer campaign or a Ramadan campaign. Reaction: Majority of positive reactions from viewers Statistics: 16,559,524 views on Facebook 4,795,376 views on YouTube Etisalat (pt 2)
  6. https://www.facebook. com/ZoobaEats/video s/825315377567964/ Concept: Facing the problem people say about their products and setting things right. Reaction: A blast of positive reactions coming from viewers because of the humor and surprise. Statistics: 2.2M views on Facebook No video onYouTube Zooba
  7. om/watch?v=BEdUYF mVCr8 Concept: Charity awareness ad to showcase the work they have done to the urban areas in Egypt. Add new campaign for family values and their need for coca cola. Reaction: Viewers seem neutral about the ad since it brings nothing new this Ramadan. Statistics: 933,095 views onYouTube 3.4MViews on Facebook Coca-cola
  8. om/watch?v=p- 7G2H38TaM Concept: It goes with the concept of buying a bottle of Pepsi, which will be recycled, giving the money to a charity. Reaction: Neutral reaction as it is nothing new from Pepsi Statistics: 10,795,988 views on YouTube 6.6MViews on Facebook Pepsi
  9. m/watch?v=ibu__vXZFF4 Concept: Labanita brings back their characters, sawsan and so3ad. In different situations, they handle it “like cows” Concept of “Let the cows do what they do best” Reaction: Majority of positive reactions from viewers because of the nostalgic characters Statistics: 269,931 views onYouTube 1,368,000 Views on Facebook Labanita
  10. om/watch?v=wa9DBm VnTW8 Concept: Using the comedy factor, this ad has been getting plenty of attention. With the baby concept, Juhayna is using the baby concept to showcase all their different products. 6 videos during Ramadan Reaction: Mixed reactions on the ads as some appreciate the humor while some found it offensive. Statistics: 7,381,357 views onYouTube 5,921,689 views on Facebook Note: one of the video was banned for inappropriate language Juhayna
  11. Uber and Mandarine Koueidar Concept: For Ramadan, Uber partners with Mandarine Koueidar to deliver sweet treats to your door steps. Though a limited number of orders, it has a special “button” for the duration of the month. Reaction: People seem pleased with the prospect of having sweets delivered. Creation: Partnership between both companies m/uber-partner-mandarine- koueidar-deliver-7alaweyat- demand/
  12. om/watch?v=nR7- eHFdRD0 Concept: With the concept of several hangouts that include cottonil products. Created a song for another ad Reaction: Most of the younger demographic found the ad to be entertaining and humorous, while others found it offensive. The ad with the song is far more popular. Creation: Nile Productions Statistics: 122,959 views onYouTube 185KViews on Facebook Note: A certain scene was banned for inappropriate language Cottonil
  13. om/watch?v=97AHPD XsSEY Concept: A charity ad to encourage donation to the cause. The unique concept is the song. Reaction: Majority of positive reaction from the viewers because of the cause and its plenty of celebrities. Because of the nature of the ad, an auction was held for items within the ad, proceeds going to the organization Statistics: 5,191,325 views on YouTube 450KViews on Facebook MagdiYacoub Heart Foundation
  14. om/watch?v=9LwMDg znxPQ Concept: Judge with your heart, not your eyes is the concept for this burn victims organization Reaction: Majority of positive reactions because of the cause and the PR beforehand. Creation: ‫إنتاج‬:‫برودكشنز‬ ‫فيلم‬ ‫هاما‬ -‫سليمان‬ ‫هشام‬ Statistics: 68,250 views onYouTube 1.3MViews on Facebook Ahl Masr ^ ‫بقلبك‬ ‫شوف‬
  15. https://www.facebook. com/E3langi/videos/74 6568462147183/ Concept: Is a spoof to their competition, Cottonil, belittling their slogan. Popular because of the sarcasm. Reaction: Majority of negative feedback from the ad because of the female version. Statistics: 8.5K views on Facebook Note: One of the videos is banned for inappropriate language Dice
  16. m/watch?v=A30rqfqn-po Concept: Continuing with concept of man up 13 ads over the duration of Ramadan Reaction: Getting mixed reviews with some enjoying the humor, while others feeling insulted. Creation: KingTut's playground Statistics: 40,686 views onYouTube 2,859,137Views on Facebook Note: Banned for inappropriate language Birell
  17. om/watch?v=TUY40A hIo_Y Concept: They use the different “chicken” references for puns and humor. Reaction: Seems to be unpopular on social media as it is not getting any feedback. Statistics: 162,896 views on YouTube Koki
  18. m/watch?v=VUsjqRbBKd U Concept: Two star appearances Comedy and sarcasm Comparing London, Paris, lagoon, and new York streets to 5th settlement Reaction: Viewers enjoy the humor and sarcasm of the ad but, don’t like the comparison. Statistics: 152,507 views on YouTube MountainView
  19. https://thinkmarketingm energy-saving-habits/ Concept: Created by the government for awareness About energy saving Campaign is about 4 videos on Facebook, and 1 onYouTube Reaction: Neutral Statistics: 310,506Views on Facebook Energy saving habits (Gov)
  20. om/watch?v=FnkEk_u Ea3c Concept: A series of 3 videos that encourage Egyptian people to buy Egyptian made products rather than foreign products. Reaction: Majority of positive reactions as it is very relatable and catchy, with a slight hint of humor. Some found it disrespectful to others. Statistics: 3,871 views onYouTube 3o2det el khawaga
  21. om/watch?v=xJvQBh4 Wenw Concept: The stars of Saturday night live appear, using their sense of humor to explain the struggles of brothers and properties. Reaction: Positive feedback on the humor. A little of inappropriate language Not popular on social media Trio
  22. om/watch?v=WID6M2 Cn_no Concept: Featuring music from Sharmoofers & Adaweya while presenting their different products Reactions: Mixed reactions as fans for the band Statistics: 175,874 views on YouTube Faragallo
  23. om/watch?v=sBiLPSw RZqg Concept: With every ride with Uber, you will be sending a meal to a person in need. Reactions: Very neutral reaction from views as it is just like the other charity ads, though published later during Ramadan Statistics: 587,933 views on YouTube Lipton and Uber
  24. m/TECNOMobileEgypt/vi deos/655747201256532/ Concept: With every ride with Uber, you will be sending a meal to a person in need. Reactions: Very neutral reaction from views as it is just like the other charity ads, though published later during Ramadan Statistics: 478,542 views on YouTube Tecno
  25. om/watch?v=FDCsS8 mrk8s Concept: A major collaboration from major brands, led by knorr on kindness. Reactions: A positive reaction to the simple gesture of kindness. Gets plenty of promotion from digital magazines. Statistics: 1,368,337 views on YouTube Knorr
  26. TopViewed Ads Ad Views 1 Vodafone 26,354,900 2 Orange 23,625,219 3 Etisalat 21,354,900 4 Juhayna 13,303,046 5 MagdiYacoub Heart Foundation 5,641,325
  27. Top CreativeAds # Ad 1 MagdiYacoub 2 Orange 3 Juhayna 4 Zooba 5 Tecno
  28. Top Editor’s Humorous Ads # Ad 1 Juhayna 2 Orange 3 Labanita 4 Trio 5 MountainView
  29. Conclusion The overall look of this year’s ads are extremely creative and innovating. Humor plays a major factor within the themes of most ads, as we can see in Juhayna, Labanita,Tecno, and Orange ads. We see several brands have entered the video ad business, such as Zooba. These brands made a certain impact in the advertising by using innovating methods. Zooba’s reverse psychology ad greatly impact it’s viewers because of the obvious yet, clever method. Tecno’s ad, despite its low reach, has an idea that had humor, while showcase the benefits of their product. Their method implanted the benefits within viewers’ psyche. Since people were long awaiting their release, the biggest disappointment of the season are the ads of the major soda companies, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. They played it safe with a regular charity themed ad.

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