verilog vlsi rtos architecture hdl half adder mux microcontrollers arm7tdmi vhdl arm arm7 embedded systems microcontroller 8085 microprocessor microprocessor cisc risc 8085 intel verification alu initial always assignment full adder digital design fpga cpld image processing data communications asics n-mos cmos control systems leds stepper motor microcomputer system microcomputer radar filters dsp atmel pic liquids solids crystals os msp430 8051 fullcustom ics entity differentiator integrator bandpass highpass low pass timeconstant lr rc cpsr thumb2 thumb.arm user mode irq firq cpsr unprivileged privileged modes of operation ret call hardware interrupt software interrupt priority intr trap rst5.5 rst6.5 rst7.5 interrupts 8085 microprocessore amba register organization store load harvard von neumann sid sod serial i/o controller address data buffer instruction decoder program counter instruction register ir isa cortex pop push sp pc stack general purpose registers temporary registers initial block stimulus test vectors test bench temperarory register status register flag register accumulator procedure $finish $stop $monitor $display functions tasks evolution of microprocessors microprocessors system verilog non-blocking blocking behavioral procedural statements behavioralal verilog hdl conditional concatenation reduction bitwise logical operators vector parameter real integer reg net wire gate level model switch model dta types decoder subtractor data flow model abstraction levels gate level rtl module cortex architecture voip python programming language scripting idle gate modeling simulation switch level simulation logic synthesis high level synthesis bdd vlsi physical design fpga design rtlinux embedded system task semaphores mutex unix linux pla folding pla testing kohavi faults hazards boolean difference pld pla rom sonar voice processing demux modem c-mos inverter bicmos stick diagrams ac97 jtag mpe arm7- 2148 seven segment proximity temperature flow pressure sensors humidity laser diodes fibers step index 8255 intel 8253 8259 8279 pic microcontroller tasm masm 8051-temperature dc motor 555 dac pll xr2206 adc regulated power supply electronics bits multiple choice bits multiple choice physics combinational circuits counters 8088 8086 microwaves
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