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Project of bread

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Project of bread

  1. 1. Project of Flavored Panem Orange Bread strawberry bread Chocolate Bread Lemon Bread Banana Bread
  2. 2. Presented by Abdul Wahab Waseem Yasir Iqbal Nimra Shahid
  3. 3. MARKET ANALYSIS • Why this product are launch • Needs
  4. 4. LOGO
  5. 5. BRAND MANTRA Nashta Halka Phulka Sa
  6. 6. Introduction  Meaning of flavored panem  Quality  Innovation
  7. 7. Our mission is to provide fullest different flavor bread from grain not merely for sake of convenience but with sustainability & nourishment as our focus we strive to make bread with integrity and honesty.
  8. 8. Our vision is to create an environment that inspires better quality of life. Our product created with intention process is mindful & result is savored and enjoyed product. We are passionate about baking different flavored bread.
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES Our main objective is to introduce flavor panem all over the Pakistan.
  11. 11. Strength Our company have ability to manufacture different Flavors. We have advance technology. We are good in Quality.
  12. 12. Weakness We have less recourses of finance.  Our company position level is low as compare to our competitors. Distribution channels are limited
  13. 13. Opportunity Population increases In future we come up with new flavor including Zera, Garlic, Ginger flavors
  14. 14. Threads Less economic growth of the population. Competitors. Cost of production can increase.
  15. 15. Competitors:  Dawn Bread  Gourmet  Shezan  Wonder Bread  Cakes and Bakes  Different Bakery Breads
  16. 16. SEGMENTATION TARGET POSITION • Effort to increase a company’s precision marketing. We have done the segmentation on the basis of the following variables: Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral
  17. 17. Geographic: Divide Lahore in different segments according to areas and markets. E.g. DHA, MODAL TOWN, GULSHAN-E-RAVI Demographic: Divided markets into groups based on variables such as age, income, social class, occupation & their life cycle.
  18. 18. Psychographic: To analyze the psyche of the people of Lahore we divide them in social class, life style and personality. Behavioral: In behavioral we are focusing on benefits, interest of people.
  19. 19. Targeting market  Income Group:  Youth & children:  Travelers:
  20. 20. Positioning Create a positive image in the minds of customer. We are providing quality product to fulfill the needs of people.
  21. 21. Ingredients: Flour Water Salt Yeast Sugar Cooking Oil Flavor Preservatives: Calcium propionate Calcium acetate
  22. 22. Quantity per Badge: Flour 130 kg Sugar 6 kg Cooking Oil 2 kg Yeast 2 kg Emprovel 240 gm Calcium propionate 250 gm Calcium acetate 100 gm Water 62 liters Flavor as per requirement
  23. 23. MARKET MIX’S
  24. 24. PRICE Product Quantity in pieces Price in Rs. Panem Bread 8 piece Rs. 22 Panem Bread 14 piece Rs. 35 Panem Bread 18 piece Rs. 55
  25. 25. PLACE Our distribution channels in Lahore are:  Bakeries  Super stores  Departmental stores  Marts We mainly focus on the retailers & Bakeries because they are the only source which delivers our product to the final consumer.
  26. 26. PRODUCT Benefits Flavors Strong bones 8 hours energy Vitamin A & D
  27. 27. Features  Delight bread has different flavors  Make the bones strong  Repair the dead tissues of the body  Source of creating blood  Enriched with vitamin A & D  Glow the body & skin  Reduce fat & Carbohydrates
  28. 28. PROMOTION ELECTRONIC MEDIA PRINT MEDIA Tv Radio News paper Magazines Billboard Ptv Fm 101 Awaz Bacho ki Duniya Gulbrg Cartoon Network Fm 103 Jang Sunday Magazine D.H.A Nick tv Fm 90 Dawn Akhbar-e-Jahan Cant Ary Fm 89 Express Family Magazine Station