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Monaco Telecom a wide range of services

Why monaco ? Monaco is an international Business Hub
IT Hub, Network Hub

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Monaco Telecom a wide range of services

  1. 1. 47% NJJ Capital Société National de Financement Xavier Niel SHAREHOLDERS PERFORMANCE Monaco Telecom Monegasque government. 2015
  2. 2. Cloud Services to meet all your business needs 3 Data Centers in Monaco  Confidentiality and Resilience  Built to the « state-of-the-art » (last one built in 2015)  15 years of experience in Data Center HOSTING HOUSING Residents 4Play, cell phone, land line, internet and television services BtoB Cell phone, land line, internet, international data management CELL PHONE TÉLÉVISION INTERNET & LAND LINE INTERNATIONAL Managed services & development support for operators • Telco operators provider • Telco infrastructure sharing • Carrier, Roaming, data and hosting services NATIONAL A wide range of services... 4G++ : First 4G++ Network 4G+ : 100% Outdoor
  3. 3. High Performance, secured network BUSINESS PLAN • Accord MPLS avec l’ensemble des opérateurs mondiaux  Broadband Internet everywhere  Connection with 4 european hubs : Milan, Sophia-Antipolis et Paris x2  100 Gbps IP transit  Strategic partnership with Level 3  Full access to EIG (Europe India Gateway)  MPLS agreement with major telco operator Monaco Telecom offers very high speed connections, redundancy, guaranteed low latency and security, worldwide. MONACO: IN THE HEART OF HYPERCONNECTIVITY Broadband coverage in Monaco is among the highest in the world  One of the 1st countries in the world to offer up to 1Gbits to 100% of its households  Businesses have direct access to the fibre optic infrastructures essential to their development
  4. 4. Why Monaco ? ….MONACO, a BUSINESS HUB The Principality of Monaco benefits from a dynamic and diversified economy, to capitalize on its unique features, resulting in a resolutely international outlook. Strategic position with strong potential for business trading • A gateway to European, middle east and African markets • Transport infrastructure • Attractive taxation • An international outreach • Reputation and regional dynamism • Economical and political stability • Hyper-secured environment : one of the safest locations on Earth • Culture of discretion and confidentiality BUSINESS PLAN
  5. 5. Secure your IT infrastructure in Monaco Efficient Data Centers for data storage, for IT Recovery Plan. Following recommendations Endorser&Participant Member Certified operating teams All your data always remain in Monaco!
  6. 6. Hosting your IT resources in our Data Centers Monaco Telecom Data Centers have been designed, built and operated according to the highest standards in the industry, to provide colocation and dedicated spaces according to Customer requirements. On-site services : Hands & Eyes Reception & storage Power upgrade A wide range of consulting services Optional urbanization Interconnectivity options Additional servicesBUSINESS PLAN BUSINESS PLAN Package • ¼ rack, ½ rack, rack • Electrical consumption : fixed rate • Internet connectivity Choice of : • Rack • Real Electrical consumption Or • Dedicated cages (wire-mesh walls) • Private rooms (solid walls) • For a tailor-made solution and enhanced security Dedicated Spaces
  7. 7. Flexibility & Scalability No design limits to meet your challenges Platform based on OpenStack / KVM On-demand IaaS resources? Manage your servers in total autonomy Cloud’Monaco Managed by Monaco Telecom (Linux) or under your control Optional services (DNS management, firewall, VPN, load balanching, web caching, CDN ...) Microsoft HyperV and VMware technologies Security of your VM managed and industrialized Interconnect your local Network to your Private Cloud using Lan2Lan connection Cloud Application Technologies and services tailored to the company needs (Microsoft, Citrix, D2D, Veeam, Fortigate, IronPort ...) Outsource your IT through our private cloud platform Web Business ? Usage billing Management Portal VvWare virtualization platform Simple or complex architectures
  8. 8. Hub Network Hub BusinessHub IT Monaco Telecom, HOSTING OPERATOR

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Why monaco ? Monaco is an international Business Hub IT Hub, Network Hub


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