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Customer Journey Case Study - RIW//12

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Big Data - Understanding your Customer Journey: Billions of views and clicks have must be handled by online marketeers each month. Which campaign has the most impact for your ROI? Dominik Johnson will use facts from a client case study and find with you the right way for summarizing your big data. Measuring and evaluating the customer journey is essential for the efficient control of online marketing activities, e.g.: If you know that the combination “banner view - product portal - PPC search” frequently leads to conversion for your products, you can focus on the corresponding successful channel and therefore put your advertising budget to use more efficiently.

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Customer Journey Case Study - RIW//12

  1. 1. Инструменты веб-аналитики BIG DATAUnderstanding your Customer Journey
  2. 2. Dominik JohnsonExecutive Manager Global Performance Alliance on twitter @dominik_johnson on facebook /dominik.johnsonYamondo.com - 15 partners around the globe
  3. 3. Agenda - Big Data - Customer Journey - Case Study
  4. 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMKScopMnKI Source: YouTube Video The Guardian
  5. 5. Big Data Digital Advertisement Eco-System in the USA Source: Luma Partners
  6. 6. Big Data Digital Advertisement Eco-System in Turkey Source: Digitouch member of Yamondo
  7. 7. Big Data40 Million 42%Online Bank Accounts in Germany Of Germans bought something online Source: BDB/Bitkom Source: Vuma28 Million 2/5Germans are using Online Banking Of Retail Sales generated cashless Source: BDB/Bitkom Source: HDE 39% Of Germans using Internet via mobile devices Source: TNS
  8. 8. Big Data3/5 30%companies in Germany want to start Of Germans worries about the misusewith Big Data of Big Data Source: TNS, T-Systems Source: Allensbach 3/5 Of Germans using real names in Social Networks and 20% are using fantasy or fake names Source: Forsa
  9. 9. Big DataAwareness Favorabilitysensitize and create a need hunger for informationConsideration Intent To Purchasenarrow down alternatives trigger the decision Conversion Source: explido
  10. 10. Customer Journey Source: explido
  11. 11. Customer Journey Source: explido
  12. 12. Case Study Source: explido
  13. 13. Case StudyMarch’12 - April’12 ChannelsPeriod of Time (Case Study) Pay Per Click - Affiliate Marketing - Social Media - Email Marketing - Display - CooperationsAd Formats PartiesGoogle AdWords, HTML Newsletter, 5 inclusive clientFacebook Apps,YouTube Channel,Affiliate Ads, Display Ads and onewebsite of a Cooperation partner Source: explido
  14. 14. Case Study https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSKH8GPjaGs Source: YouTube Video FONIC
  15. 15. Case StudyQuestionby FONIC within Kick-Off-WorkshopWhich are the top 10 purchase decisionphases that my customers are taking?#1 Source: explido
  16. 16. Case StudyQuestionby FONIC within Kick-Off-WorkshopHow should an efficient budget allocationlook like?#2 Source: explido
  17. 17. Case Study1/2 Billion Views 2 Million ClicksData Data2,92 Touchpoints 6 DaysAverage Customer Journey Average Customer Journey Source: explido
  18. 18. Case Study Source: explido
  19. 19. Case Study
  20. 20. Case Study
  21. 21. Case StudyQuestionby FONIC within Kick-Off-WorkshopHow should an efficient budget allocationlook like?#2 Source: explido
  22. 22. Case Study PPC30% Content Network didn‘t work forDisplay Budget Optimization within the Awareness Phase therefore the definedAwareness Phase budget can be shifted to the Favorability Phase and Consideration Phase4,5%Finish Rate - In terms the Social MediaChannel is a very cost effective 9%managed channel it might be useful to Display Budget Optimization within theinvest a part of the allocated budget Consideration Phaseinto new campaign or new apps. Source: explido
  23. 23. Dominik Johnson Executive Manager Global Performance Alliance explido WebMarketing GmbH & Co. KG Curt-Frenzel-Str. 10a 86167 Augsburg GermanyСпасибо вам. homepage www.yamondo.com twitter twitter.com/yamondo facebook facebook.com/yamondo google+ plus.google.com/107653396540503500957 homepage www.explido.com twitter: twitter.com/explido facebook: facebook.com/explido google+ plus.google.com/103795736783609924357 Telephone: +49 821 / 21 77 95 - 631 eMail: dominik.johnson@explido.de