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Social media in Sri Lanka: A brief introduction

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Made the following introductory presentation on social media in Sri Lanka today, focussing on civic media, to new recruits of the National Information Centre. The training was held at Visumpaya in Colombo, and conducted in Sinhala and English.

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Social media in Sri Lanka: A brief introduction

  1. 1. Social media in Sri Lanka: A brief introduction Sanjana Hattotuwa Editor, Groundviews, TED Fellow Alumn
  2. 2. ‘glocal’ pulse A local and global nervous system
  3. 3. twitter: a pulse of #srilanka https://tweetdeck.twitter.com
  4. 4. twitter: a pulse of #srilanka
  5. 5. facebook: a pulse of #srilanka http://www.facebook.com
  6. 6. Facebook live: a pulse of #srilanka http://www.facebook.com
  7. 7. instagram: a pulse of #srilanka http://www.instagram.com
  8. 8. Post-2015 Conversations onTwitter http://post2015.unglobalpulse.net
  9. 9. Social witnessing http://groundviews.org/2012/07/31/ganesan-nimalaruban-a-damning-murder-funeral-and-silence/
  10. 10. • Over 42% want Govt Ministers to use social media to engage with the public. • 18 – 24 want Q&A (20.8%), older groups want updates from events they attend. Younger want interaction, older want information (narrowcasting vs broadcasting generation?). • Majority want information and news updates on a daily basis.
  11. 11. • Reframing Youth apathy? Disinterest by young adults? • The most engaged in political and social issues seem to be the youngest and oldest demographics in the survey
  12. 12. • Not everyone needs to be connected to web to be influenced by it • The influence of content on social media in particular, and online content in general, extends to groups well beyond those who are directly connected to, and participating in these online networks. • This also puts to rest the often quoted myth that since Internet penetration is relatively low in the country, content shared online has little to no footprint in the larger public consciousness.
  13. 13. Consumption is already shifting online, away from terrestrial broadcast Social sharing, time shifting, mobile first
  14. 14. Mainstream media over social media
  15. 15. Clips vs. programmes Photography vs. text or audio Resolution of screen vs. length of article
  16. 16. “The primary results shows that the internet, mainly the social media, is becoming game changer” 
 Ranga Kalansuriya
  17. 17. “…almost half of the sample feels that the media content impacted on their decisions to some extent at the elections”
  18. 18. Thank you sanjanah@gmail.com