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Sasan gir

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Online Hotels In Gir National Park to enjoy your holidays

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Sasan gir

  1. 1. Sasangir.net
  2. 2. Sasan Gir Place  Sasan Gir is the famous place of Gujarat, India to see the Asiatic Lions at National Park.  So it attracts the large number of traveler from the whole India and worldwide.  Visit Sasan Gir with your family and enjoy by watching these enormous lions other than Africa in their natural surroundings. Sasangir.net
  3. 3. Sasan Gir History  Earlier, Junagadh was a Royal State ruled by Nawab of Junagadh.  So, to save endangered Asiatic Lions, Nawab declared the Gir Forest as conservative area in order to save these rare species of lions, since 1990. Sasangir.net
  4. 4. People of Sasan Gir Sasangir.net
  5. 5. People of Sasan Gir  The people in Gir are belonging from different castes, called here 'Maldharis'. You can identify their traditional culture from their clothes. The culture shows the heritage of the past of Sasan Gir.  Maldhari is the idolic word used for both Hindu and Muslim. Some people of Gir are from African, came here as slaves belongs to Siddhis community. Some of their inter communities are famous for their dancing style. Sasangir.net
  6. 6. Sasan Gir Flora and Fauna Sasangir.net
  7. 7. Sasan Gir Flora & Fauna  Gir is renowned as the home of the Lion in Gir National park, Gujarat. Gir National Park is a beautiful park with large quantity of vegetation animals and birds.  Flora in National Park is deciduous mix together with many evergreen trees and semi-evergreen trees and large pieces of grasslands. Sasangir.net
  8. 8. Sasan Gir Flora & Fauna  Major trees are found in Sasan Gir National Park are teak trees and banyan trees. Other trees are originate here like Khair, Amla, Karanj, Jambu, Khakhro, Umro, Vad and many others. Most of them trees are broad and evergreen trees.  Fauna the Gir National Park is paradise about 300 Asian lions. The Lion, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Blue Bull and various birds are attracting thousands of tourists to visit Sasan Gir every year. Sasangir.net
  9. 9. Sasan Gir Safari  Sasan Gir safari opens from mid October to June throughout the year.  Guests who ever visit Gir Park they often love jeep safaris. Trip in wild jungle such an adventurous idea for each visitor but for the ride of jungle, you must have permission from the forest head.  While in Jeep safari you can mark the lions in their natural environment. To see the lions from open roof jeep is a wonderful experience. Sasangir.net
  10. 10. Sasan Gir Safari Sasangir.net
  11. 11. Gir National Park  Gir national park is enclosed by Nalsarovar Lake.  Gir wildlife sanctuary is marked by a rough land and sharp rocky hillsides covered with mixed short-time forests.  Not only lions, other animals are in the area like leopards, wild boar, chital, chinkara, jackal, porcupine, hareand bluebull. Sasan Gir is great destination for birders too. Sasangir.net
  12. 12. Sasan Gir Location  Sasan Gir, Gujarat : Sasangir.net
  13. 13. Sasan Gir Location  Sasan Gir 43 KMs from Somnath : Sasangir.net
  14. 14. Sasan Gir Location  Sasan Gir 65 KMs from Junagadh : Sasangir.net
  15. 15. Sasan Gir Location  Sasan Gir 60 KMs from Amreli : Sasangir.net
  16. 16. Thank You.. Online Hotel Booking in Sasan GirSasangir.net