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Locations marked 1.

  1. 1.         St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College    Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media   (Old) Location Open Door Church Open  door  Church  Centre   Green  Street   Sunbury   TW16  6QQ     A  long  establishing  shot  of  the  front  of   the  church;  this  will  be  the  main   location  as  the  ‘wedding’,  which  spans   most  of  the  trailer.  The  red  doors  will  be   a  main  focus  of  ours  as  it  will  be  a  POV   shot  that  introduces  the  bride  to  the   setting.  The  red  door  ‘signifies’  (De   Saussure)  love  and  passion,  which  is   expected  of  a  wedding,  so  is  very  appropriate  however  later  on   in  the  trailer  we  can  see  that  it  is  not  a  happy  wedding,  changing  the  original   connotations  of  the  church  doors  to  perhaps  hate.  The  cars  in  front  of  the  church   reinforce  the  idea  that  our  characters  are  working  class  and  so  is  our  target   audience  which  will  help  them  ‘personally  identify  ‘  (Katz)  with  the  characters   on  screen.  With  the  door  only  having  one  handle,  it  gives  the  sense  that  entering   this  church  is  a  one  way  street;  there’s  no  turning  back  after  marriage;  it  is  not   easily  broken.  In  addition  the  handle  is  also  gold,  which  represents  luxury  and   wealth  the  complete  binary  opposites  (Strauss)  to  what  a  church  is  meant  to  
  2. 2.       St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College    Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media     symbolise.    The  curtains  behind  the  church  will  be  used  to  conceal  the  bride  as   each  body  part  emerges,  it  will  also  make  the  point  of  view  shot  very  interesting.   Back Front Inside of the church The  inside  of  the  church  will  be  filled  with  red  chairs,  in  rows  symbolising  unity   and  continuity  which  is  what  a  marriage  should  be  like;   forever,  it  is  also  an  expected  convention  at  a  wedding  which   we  have  ‘repeated’  (Steve  Neale)  to  make  the  idea  of  the   wedding  very  obvious.  The  stain  glass  windows  at  the  back  lets   in  natural  light  and  the  celling  lights  will  allows  us  to  have  top   lighting  on  the  characters  to  accentuate  their  “goodness”  in  an  ironic  twist.   The  ‘exist’  sign  on  the  door  of  church  is  also  a  nice  touch  because  any  shots   focused  on  it  will  suggest  that  this  marriage  is  something  that  they  should  escape   from.       The Reception   After  the  wedding  the  reception,  will  take  place  in  a  hall   close  to  the  church.  The  children’s  decorations  on  the   wall  are  very  effective;  because  when  we  have  cutaway   shots  to  the  surroundings  the  wedding  will  seem  very   amateur  and  childish.  This  is  what  we  will  be  trying  to   achieve  because  the  wedding  is  not  meant  to  be  ‘posh’   but  instead  a  mockery  of  what  a  wedding  should  be   like.    Tables  will  be  set  within  the  hall  with  the   characters  placed  in  certain  areas  to  connote  their   status  or  their  relationship  between  each  other.  For   example  the  groom  and  bride  at  the  top  table  and  the   groom  further  down  but  closer  to  the  bride  to  show  his   lower  status  and  hidden  relationship  with  the  bride.  
  3. 3.       St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College    Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media         (Old) Location                               Due  to  circumstances  out  of  our  hands,  the  first  Location  cannot  be  used  due  to   time  restrictions.  As  a  group  we  then  changed  locations  to  our  plan  B,  which  is   church  much  closer  and  local  to  our  college.  However  even  St.  Ignatius,  turned   out  to  be  a  no,  as  it  would  be  closed  during  the  time  of  filming.    Although  the   manning  room  will  still  be  used  for  the  reception.     St Ignatius Catholic Rectory, Green Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 6QB.       St.Ignatius  in  comparison  to  the  Open  door   church  is  very  old,  and  has  a  rustic  look  and   age  that  can’t  be  made.  It  is  in  complete   binary  opposition  to  the  wedding  which  will   be  unlike  the  old  traditional  weddings  as  it  is   a  shotgun  wedding  with  no  trimmings.  This   binary  opposition  (Strauss)  creates  this   overall  feeling  within  the  viewers  that  the   wedding  is  wrong  or  fake  because  of  the   complete  difference  between  setting  and   characters.  The  light  fixture  above  the  door   could  if  lit  be  very  effective  in  the  opening   establishes  shot,  as  the  bride  waits  below  it,   almost  bathing  her  in  light.  The  light  could  
  4. 4.       St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College    Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media     give  the  impression  that  she  is  holy  and  pure  just  as  a  bride  is  meant  to  be.   However  as  a  team  we  decided  to  keep  the  light  un-­‐lit  to  further  emphasize  that   she  is  in  fact  not  holy,  as  she  committed  a  form  of  adultery,  by  sleeping  with  the   best  man  when  committed  to  another.    The  lack  of  light  could  also  connote  in  a   religious  sense  the  lack  of  God’s  approval  and  the  lack  of  a  ‘bright’  future.     Aerial  view/High  angle   looking  down.   The  location  was  really   helpful  in  allowing  a  range   of  shots.  The  upper  level   holds  an  old  organ,  which   will  be  perfect  for  cutaway   shots,  that  emphasise  the   difference  between  setting   and  characters.  Hopefully   these  shots  will  depict  how   the  characters  don’t  belong   in  such  a  location.     The  stain  work  glass   The  altar  is  where  the  groom     windows  will  bring  in  a  lot   and  Best  man  will  be  waiting     of  natural  light,  which  will   making  it  a  very  important     limit  the  group’s  use  of   part.  The  steps  leading  to  the     artificial  light  or  editing.   alter  will  be  used  effectively     The  symmetrical  look   to  depict  the  status  of  the     aisle  will  also   down  the   characters-­‐  the  Priest  being     help  in  editing  if  the  walk   on  the  highest  level,  the     aisle  becomes   down  the   Groom  next  and  then  the  best     too  long  as  the  distance   man  or  the  floor,  reflecting     their  importance  to  the  bride   can  be  shortened.     as  well.       The  church  pews  are  long  so  can     house  many  guests,  but  since  the     wedding  is  a  quick  job,  the  quests     will  be  few,  so  the  pews  will  be     empty.  This  will  once  again  stress     the  idea  that  the  characters  are     very  different  to  the  norm.  Also  it     will  denote  how  their  wedding  is     not  socially  accepted.       The  pillars  on  the  other  hand  will   be  used  during  tracking  shots  to   break  up  the  frame  adding  the   idea  that  the  wedding  will  break.  
  5. 5.         St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College    Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media         St Mary’s Church, Sunbury on Thames                                                 After  a  lot  of  searching  of  churches,  we  finally  received  a  definite  yes   from  St.  Marys,  so  this  church  will  be  used  for  the  actual  wedding  and   St.  Ignatius  will  only  be  used  for  its  manning  room  at  the  back,  to   hold  our  small  reception.   The  church  is  beautifully  structured  with  a  bell  tower  that  is  very   traditional  to  churches  but  is  hard  to  find  these  days.  It  is  situated   near  the  River  Thames  and  has  a  graveyard  out  back.  This  leaves  a  lot   of  options  open  for  different  shots  that  were  not  planned.  The  river   can  give  the  trailer  a  more  joyful  look  and  the  graveyard  can  give  it  a   deathly  feel-­‐  as  if  she  signed  her  death  not  her  marriage.    The  interior   is  also  very  beautiful  with  stain  glass  windows,  statues  and  paintings   that  surround  it,  when  edited  the  church  could  be  made  to  look  very   ethereal  or  dark.    It  also  has  an  upper  level,  which  we  hope  to  use  for   our  high-­‐level  angle  shots.