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How to Sharpen your Email Skills

learn how to sharpen your email skills.

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How to Sharpen your Email Skills

  1. 1. HOW TO SHARPEN YOUR EMAIL SKILLS No matter what business you’re in, communication skills are important. Follow these tips for writing better emails and you’ll be able to craft emails that cut through the inbox clutter. www.xverify.com Make sure your email is written to match the intended audience. Don’t use generic templates or your message could be ignored. Use active voice to grab attention. “Product X is revolutionizing the industry” vs. “The industry is being revolutionized by Product X.” Begin the email with the idea you’re trying to communicate. Don’t expect recipients to wade through a paragraph of preamble. Choose an attention-getting subject line. Subject lines such as “Please read” give recipients no incentive to open the email. Keep it simple and to the point. Even an email on an interesting topic can be a slog to read if it’s presented in a way that’s too wordy. Maintain a professional but friendly tone. Avoid being too casual but keep it conversational. Consider whether it needs to be an email at all. Certain ideas are better discussed face to face or in a phone conversation instead of cluttering inboxes with email after email. Be prompt with your replies. No one wants to be kept waiting for an answer to a question or confirmation. Remember to follow up when necessary. You don’t want to become a pest, but follow-up emails can help ensure your message was received. Hold off on clicking “send.” Always give your emails a close read before you send them, so you can catch any typos or other errors. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 X ?