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Trademark Registration Guide India

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Filing TM in India, searching for class, handling objections, FAQs, prices for TM

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Trademark Registration Guide India

  1. 1. Trademark Registration India
  2. 2. Trademark Trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. Your company name is not necessarily a brand name
  3. 3. What can be Trademarked? Service Certification Product Sound Shape Pattern Word ColourCollective Letters / Numbers Device Packaging
  4. 4. Trademark Classes Products and services are organized by the IPIndia office according to specific categories, or "classes." You may need to register you Trademark in more than one class (for example, motorcycles and clothing) additional fees are required for each additional class.
  5. 5. Trademark Classes Every Trademark has to be registered under one of the 45 classes Chemicals Class 1 Paints Class 2 Cosmetics Class 3 Fuels Class 4 Pharmaceutical Class 5 Metal Goods Class 6 Machines Class 7 Hand Tools Class 8 Scientific Class 9 Medical Class 10
  6. 6. Trademark Classes Every Trademark has to be registered under one of the 45 classes Lighting Class 11 Vehicles Class 12 Firearms Class 13 Precious Metals Class 14 Musical Class 15 Paper Goods Class 16 Rubber Goods Class 17 Leather Class 18 Building Class 19 Furniture Class 20
  7. 7. Trademark Classes Every Trademark has to be registered under one of the 45 classes Kitchenware Class 21 Ropes Class 22 Threads Class 23 Textiles Class 24 Clothing Class 25 Sewing Class 26 Carpets Class 27 Toys Class 28 Dairy Meat Class 29 Bakery Spices Class 30
  8. 8. Trademark Classes Fruits Class 31 Beverages Class 32 Wine / Spirits Class 33 Tobacco Class 34 Advertising Class 35 Insurance Class 36 Cleaning Class 37 Communication Class 38 Trademark Classes for Service Providers Product classes continued..
  9. 9. Trademark Classes Service classes continued.. Materials Class 40 Education Class 41 Technology Class 42 Hotel Restaurant Class 43 Medical Services Class 44 Personal Services Class 45 Transport Class 39
  10. 10. Requirements for Trademark Unique Brand Not infringing existing Trademarks Trademark Search Check for all TM data at http://IPindia.nic.in www.QuickCompany.in
  11. 11. Documents for Trademark For Individuals 1. Trademark Info sheet 2. Authorization Form 3. Soft copy ( logo / sound / colour ) For Company 1. Board Resolution 2. TM Info sheet 3. Authorization Form 4. Soft copy ( logo / sound / colour )
  12. 12. Registration Process Pvt Ltd TM Availability 5 – 30 Minutes TM Filing 1-3 Days TM Registration 8 – 14 Month 1 2 3
  13. 13. Trademark Services Trademark Filing Involves filing a new Trademark to the IPIndia office TM-1 Form is filed to IPIndia office Trademark Objection Involves filing a response to any queries raised by the trademark examiner in the examination report
  14. 14. Trademark Services cont. Trademark Assignment In case a party wants to transfer a TM to another party Trademark Renewal Renewing a Trademark after it has expired
  15. 15. FAQs Do I have to hire an attorney to register my trademark? No, Trademark filing is a simple process which can be done online through services like QuickCompany.in Can I trademark a logo I designed myself? Yes, you can register a Trademark you designed yourself. What is the penalty for Trademark Infringement? Trademark Infringement can cost you a great loss as legally it is stated that if any person falsely claims to have a trademark registered or uses an unauthorized trademark and even if sells product or services under an illegal trademark then, he/she is punishable with imprisonment and fine charges over it.
  16. 16. Cost of Services Trademark Filing Check TM Availability File Trademark Update TM Status Objection Filing Objection Interview Objection Clearance Trademark Renewal 2 Partners Low Compliances Trademark Objection Trademark Renewal Buy TM Filing Buy TM Objection Buy TM Renewal Rs 4,999.00 includes govt fees & taxes Rs 3,499.00 includes govt fees & taxes Rs 5,999.00 includes govt fees & taxes
  17. 17. Contact Information Address T-2 Hauz Khas Village New Delhi 110017 Contact vicky@quickcompany.in 0704 260 1803 www.quickcompany.in