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AMP or PWA Comparison to Pick the Best by XongoLab

Are you confused between the AMP and PWA? Do you know which one is better to design your business website? If no, then you should check this infographic for an answer!

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AMP or PWA Comparison to Pick the Best by XongoLab

  1. 1. COMPARISON TO PICK THE BEST AMP OR PWA AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source library from Google that provides a way to create mobile-friendly website pages to load faster. Progressive Web Applications are a modern web tech to deliver a reliable, Fast & engaging and native app like experience Benefits of PWA: Shareable with URL Easily accessible from home screen Work with lower internet speed as well. Smooth animation & navigation No app installation required Benefits of AMP: Pages are easily instantly load in mobile Help to increase mobile SEO and keyword rankings All the format and ads are supported with AMP Reduced loading time will make website usage faster An owner can get full control over all the visitors COMPARISON TECHNOLOGY ENGAGEMENT RELIABILITY LIMTATIONS There is no clear winner between AMP or PWA. AMP is commonly used for the News Publications and PWA is commonly used for media-heavy sites and also for better user-friendly experience. Page load slower in browser leads to low engagement It has an app like features leads to high engagement AMP HTML, AMP JS, AMP Cache Worked with App shell No need of a safe server Require to have a https Mostly suitable for the Content related heavy websites Suitable for e-commerce sites with is feature-rich Reach Us Ahmedabad , India 1st Floor,10-Kalpana Soc., B/h.Municipal Market Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009 Connect With Us Inquiry: sales@peppyocean.com IND (+91) 990-926-2648 Skype: nakrani.jignesh www.xongolab.com