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Question 4

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Question 4 for media A2 2016

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Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages stages
  2. 2. Intro  Within the process and development of my product I have learnt and improved many skills, in particular skills in media technologies. I will be evaluating the different technologies that I have used send whether I found them easy or hard to use and the reasons behind it. I will also discuss the different aspects of each technologies such as the pros and cons of using Finalcut pro to edit and create my music video.
  3. 3. Basic tools Apple Macs  I mainly used either a mac book pro or a desktop mac to do my research and planning as it gave me access to Microsoft word, that allowed me to type up my findings, and the internet that allowed me access sites to research and to access blogger to publish my findings Safari/Google  Safari is the Apple equivalent to Google, I used these search engines to research the theorists and access sites like blogger and Prezi
  4. 4. Blogger Throughout my whole course, both As and A2,I used Blogger to upload and display my work as I have used it often I felt confident with my skills. This was very helpful as it meant that I didn't’t need learn to learn how to use a completely new program (like I did with final cut). Blogger was very useful as I could put all my work in order and separate them into specific tags it also work in conjunction with other media such as Youtube,Prezi and Slideshare.
  5. 5. Prezi I used Prezi as a alternative to PowerPoint as it allowed a more fluid for presentations. It allows you to create a dynamic and entertaining presentation. It also allowed me to embed YouTube videos so it was easier to watch however it didn’t allow Gifs or videos uploaded via my personal files, I worked around this by using other software such as blogger. I used Prezi briefly last year so I wasn’t an expert but I had a little bit of previous knowledge.
  6. 6. Cameras I originally used a hand held camera handheld camera to film my preliminary task It was a lot cheaper than the Dslr that I eventually used but it was easier to use. I had never used a camera for filming before so I had to practice as I already knew the theory side (which I had learnt from my film studies course).The biggest Issue we had was that the camera saved the footage into a format that the IMacs couldn’t read. This completely messed changed our schedule as we needed to convent the footage via a windows pc this took many hours so we had to leave it over night to convert. We learnt from our mistakes as we researched the file type that Macs use and made sure our cameras could film in that format.
  7. 7. YouTube  Once I completed the editing, I uploaded it to the video sharing site YouTube we came across multiple issues as the upload would take quite away as it was quite a large file continuing on this point there was quite a few issues with bugs and other glitches that rest the upload time. However when we finally uploaded it the rest was easy as I could embed the video straight onto my blog.
  8. 8. Personal speaker To make the lip syncing easier we would play music out loud via our phones, however this wasn’t loud enough. I combated this by buying a portable speaker, this allowed us to play the music at a much louder volume making it easier for the actors to keep in time with the music. However this did cause a problem as the sound was picked up in the music video, I worked around this by editing out the sound in Final cut pro a software that I will be discussing later.
  9. 9. SD card  Once I had all my hardware setup I need some sort of storage. The best option for this was a removable SD card as it could work on most software without being converted this made it easy to drag my footage from the card into Final cut to be edited. As we planned to get an excess amount of footage we decided to use a 16GB card this wasn’t enough so we ended using two 16Gb cards this made a bit slower as we would often confuse the cards so in the end we marked them ‘A’ and ‘B. When moving large pieces of footage from the card to the Mac this took some time however we worked around this by doing other work as it transfers the files.
  10. 10. Tripod  During our filming we used a tripod as it allows a steady shot. The tripod had an adjustable height allowing us to adapt to the specific circumstances. For example when we need to get scenes in which we needed long continues shots the adjustable height allowed the camera to be still in a single position where as if we filmed it by handheld then it would of picked up our hand movements. Believe this allowed us to crate a still and steady shot thus making it more professional.
  11. 11. Final Cut Pro  I used this software to edit and organize my footage. I have never used this software before so there was a lot to take in I decide to watch tutorials on YouTube to try and learn the basics, I also sought help from the I.T technician. In my preliminary task I learnt how o use effects and used an execs amount of them this made it look unprofessional and fake so in my final piece I decide that less is more and used barely any effects thus making it look better.
  12. 12. Final cut pro- Effects One of the main editing techniques we used was the Black and White effect. We used it when we showed past imagery as it gave a sense of time and of the overall mood of the music video so this ultimately reinforced a clearer narrative. We decided to use this as it linked in well with the narrative and progressed it. Applying the filter: 1.First we selected the bit of footage that we wanted to 2. We then drag the selected effect 3.The drop it on to the clip
  13. 13. Final cut pro – slow motion  We used the slow motion effect as a tool to create a dramatic effect, most noticeably when the the pills spill, we believe this added a sense of drama and mystery to out production thus complying with Roland Barthes theory of enigma code. It also add to the narrative. The thing that we had to be most aware of was that the slow motion would extend the length of the clip, this sometimes made it difficult to slot in we worked around this by selecting only the best bits and fitting it in to the designated spaces.
  14. 14. Photoshop On the right is my digipak and advert, to create these products I used the software Photoshop. I used Photoshop in my foundation portfolio finally piece. I decide to use it as it gives the sense of professionalism and gives a industry level product. I used a range of tools to create my products from text tools to layers. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the software so it took me a while to learn how to use it to its full extent, to help me with this process I watched many tutorials that helped developed my skills and aid my creative progress. I fell that once I got the hang of the process I did a decent job of creating an advert and digipak to a industry standard.
  15. 15. Photoshop- text tool In all my products I used the text tool, for example the name of the band and release date. It was a very simple tool to use, to add in text all you need to do was click and drag to create a text box from there you can type the designated text. We decided to use a simple minimalistic font to ensure it could be read easily and so it complies to the generic conventions.
  16. 16. Photoshop-Text We also got some additional fonts for Photoshop, we go this via connections as I know a graphic designer he gave me additional fonts that where industry level. This added the extra sense of professionalism and also meeting the specific conventions.
  17. 17. Photoshop-Layers On the right is all of layers that we used in order to create the advert. In order to get a industry level piece of work I had to create all these layers so I could combine them to create a professional piece. This allowed me to add to put different images and texts on top of each other without damaging the original photos. This could get confusing at times especially when the amount of layers increased, this is why I started to name each layer. Over all I believe that this helped me create a more professional and industry tier work as the combination of images worked well and showed skill.
  18. 18. Photoshop- Layer Mask A layer mask is something that you apply to a given layer to control the transparency of that layer. I used this mainly in my advert so I could fade the main image with the background .This allowed me to create flowing images that synergies with my other images. Over all creating a more professional look.
  19. 19. Conclusion I believe I have used a range of different technologies in all stage of my production. I have used some that I was familiar with, however I pushed myself and developed myself in the process by using software I was unfamiliar with such as final cut pro, in which I feel I developed m skills the most as I had to use high end editing techniques.I also used industry level hardware such as the dslr camera, this took a while to learn how to use but I believe it was worth it as it allowed me to create a more professional piece.