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Tech how to recover photos from hard drive on mac

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Tech how to recover photos from hard drive on mac

  1. 1. Source: http://www.mac-photos-recovery.com Tech: How to Recover Photos from Hard Drive on MacHard Drive is Convenient for UsThanks to high quality of hard drive, our daily life become more and more convenient,and we can enjoy an ever-increasingly mobile environment at work or at home. Wecan put our beautiful photos, favorite music, wonderful movies, important documents,even funny games, etc into a hard drive.Hard Drive Photos Recovery on Mac is A Big TroubleHowever, when hard drive has trouble even files lost, it will be more serious in ourdaily life. Besides, There are so many people use Apple’s PC products such asMacbook, Imac, and few of them know how to recover data on Mac os. Luckily, wecan retrieve them with hard drive data recovery software for Mac. Last week, a friendasked me for help, because she lost her all photos in a external hard drive due topower off while she was copying the data to her Macbook. So I get some experiences.The following tips tell you how to recover photos from hard drive on Mac.Something should be prepared to Recover Photos from HardDriveFirst of all, you have to remember: Do not save any data to the Hard Drive andtransfer in and out, because the space where the original data stored may beoverwritten.Secondly, you need to find a efficient recovery program, which can help you restorefiles from hard drive. when I helped my friend to recover her hard drive photos onMac, I found some good recovery software, now, I introduce two of them.Software one: RecuvaRecuva is a data recovery program without paying, however, there is no free lunch in Source: http://www.mac-photos-recovery.com
  2. 2. Source: http://www.mac-photos-recovery.comthis world. I tried to use this program to recover photos from my friend’s hard drive, Itjust can run on Windows. So, if you want to use Recuva, you need to find a computerthat run on Windows, and Recuva just can recover about60% photos.Software two: Tenorshare Data RecoveryTenorshare Photo Recovery is an simple but effective data recovery software,which can help you to recover photos, images, document, etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. You can learn more here:http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/hard-drive/recover-lost-photos-videos-data-from-hard-drive.html. Even if I need to pay some money for it, it is worthy. With the help of Tenorshare Data Recovery, I completed hard drive photos recovery on Mac.Steps to Restore Hard Drive Photos on MacStep1. Download the Tenorshare data recovery from here http://www.any-data-recovery.com and install it on your Apple computerStep2. Launch the Tenorshare data recovery application, select the hard drive orconnect external hard drive to computer .Step3. Click scan button and Select the option “Recover all photos files.Step4. After scanning, you can preview the photos and choose the ones you want toget back and click “Recover”.Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in the hard drive and you have finished harddrive photos recovery.Tenorshare Data Recovery also can recover data from SD card, SDHC Card, Mini SDcard, or other storage devices, and has a Windows version. Source: http://www.mac-photos-recovery.com