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The Power of Digital Technology

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The Power of Digital Technology

  1. 1. Cosmic The Power of Digital Technology Kate Doodson @cosmickated
  2. 2. ‘We haven’t just flipped from analogue to digital – we’ve shifted from a human-driven world to one driven by information.’
  3. 3. Setting the scene • The world is being transformed by a series of profound technological changes – the second machine age • Digital technology is changing all of our lives, the way we work, our society and our politics • Over the the next 20 years, 35% of jobs will become automated
  4. 4. And the pace of change is unprecedented Knowledge Doubling Curve • 1900s, Knowledge doubled every century • 1940s, knowledge doubled every 25 years • Currently, knowledge doubling every 13 months • By 2020, every 12 hours? Source: Buckminster Fuller and IBM, Harvard University Jeff Lichtman http://www.futuristgerd.com/2014/07/16/knowledge-doubling-every-12-months-soon-to- be-every-12-hours-via-industry-tap/
  5. 5. What’s the impact? At one end… 3D printing of organs for surgeons, Artificial Intelligence and robotic movement with the mind
  6. 6. But at the other end…Digital impacts on our everyday activities • Public transport, pay for coffee • Agriculture, farming • Household goods, shopping • Keeping fit, banking • And how we work…..
  7. 7. What is digital doing to the world of work? • Driving open ecosystems of work, enabling flexible engagement of outside resources, greater portability of skills and the formation of digital talent hubs. • Creating fluidity in the delivery of education and training. Alternative models are emerging from traditional education • Disrupting traditional ways of organising work, leading to the collapse of siloes and hierarchies as well as new leadership and management styles. • Demanding (and enabling) a different workforce – favouring different work skills and mind-sets. Accenture: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/surviving-future-job-market-how-lose-your-computer-lee-naik?trk=hp-feed-article-title- publish
  8. 8. PwC study Workforce 2022
  9. 9. Millennial workforce • As generations collide, workforces become more diverse • Digital natives • Many of the roles and job titles will be ones we’ve not Michael Rendell Head of Human Capital Consulting, PwC
  10. 10. What skills will be needed? • Digital literacy skills will be required for all, no opt out? • Ability to analyse and create insights from data without sinking • Collaborate & influence, market ideas and tell stories, lead at all levels, be creative • Build just-in-time skills • Creative people, think-out-of-the-box types • Cultivate the opposite of a precious mind-set, if you’re competing against an informally contracted,
  11. 11. Trend: Business disruption
  12. 12. The centre of the Digital Vortex symbolizes a “new normal” characterised by rapid and constant change as industries become increasingly digital The Global Centre for Digital Business Transformation 2015 - ranking of industries by potential for digital disruption is based on quantitative analysis of market data and responses from 941 business leaders across 13 countries.
  13. 13. How can we respond?
  14. 14. Gartner’s Digital Dragon • We need business leaders to understand that to compete in the 21st Century they need to tame the digital dragon. • They need to respond to ongoing needs for efficiency
  15. 15. Bimodal business Reliability Planned, high ceremony Long term suppliers Conventional projects IT centric – removed from customers Long cycles of procurement Agility Agile, low ceremony Small new vendors New and uncertain projects Business centric, close to customer Short cycles of procurement
  16. 16. Push-me and Pull-me
  17. 17. What about our productivity? It’s only going to get worse Spend 28% of our time on emails Ave number of emails we send per day? 125 And receive?
  18. 18. Email has become our intray, things to do list, our CRM, our internal communication and everything else! Radicati report 2015
  19. 19. It’s time for action ‘It’s time we focus on being productive instead of busy…’
  20. 20. Getting Things Done
  21. 21. Capture Collect everything • Be a harvester • Capture your internet browsing, your thoughts, your paperwork
  22. 22. Capture on digital • Browsing the internet – read an article – save to Evernote or Google Keep • Receive an email with a link to a publication? Save to Evernote • On phone and browsing internet • Take a photo – save to https://evernote.com/
  23. 23. Capture your paperwork Scannable, evernote, or take a photo! • RM – zoho or capsule
  24. 24. Capture your things to do…. • Put ALL new items into ‘the in list’ • Harvest every action - personal, shopping, business, ideas, questions to ask colleagues
  25. 25. Clarify the actions • Review your in list • Does the action take less than 2 minutes? Do it • Can you delegate it? Delegate • Or Defer the action. Create the very next action….. And move to a new list (with date and time) DO DELEGATE DEFER
  26. 26. List creation • Add that very next action to a list…. • @next actions (or things to do) • @Project list (lots of things in projects) • @Waiting for.. • @Someday maybe list • @For the Boss List • @Personal list • @Shopping list
  27. 27. Add Tags (premium) • Use tags – calls, emails, presentations • Tags can indicate an action • Call • Email • Pick up
  28. 28. Review your list weekly • Delete stuff that doesn’t matter anymore • Re-prioritise list • Daily and Weekly Revisions
  29. 29. Create reminders • Todoist – reminders – (premium) Or use • Google Reminders with Keep– location and time based and voice control • OK Google, ‘remind me to call Jan when I’m at work’
  30. 30. Getting Things Done
  31. 31. Paperless working? • Scan everything – Doxie One • Incoming, archive, contracts
  32. 32. Meeting notes • Microsoft OneNote • Bamboo paper • Minutes.io • Beesy.me
  33. 33. Hardware for productivity - Microsoft Surface • Tablet with built in keyboard • With docking station • With pen • £7-800
  34. 34. Other apps to keep you organised • Trip log • Harvest
  35. 35. Photomyne • Photomyne
  36. 36. IFTTT IF THIS THEN THAT • Automate processes • Upload social photos to Dropbox • Save stories from news sites • When near home – text contact
  37. 37. Take a payment? • Create invoice with Xero • Check on client payments • Take payment with PayPal Here • Chip and Pin PayPal Here Apple Android £69 + PayPal charges Xero - COST
  38. 38. Conference session? Periscope
  39. 39. Forms for productivity Google Forms • Set up your own booking forms, enquiry forms, surveys and feedback forms • Forms App (In Google Drive) • Forms you create on your PC can be viewed and completed in the browser of your phone
  40. 40. Streaks • Struggle to change? • Make it easy • Choose 6 tasks you want to perform every day • Mark off for motivation
  41. 41. Thank you Any Questions?

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • We will expect to see 20,000 years of progress in the next 100 years – according to The Law of Accelerating Returns | KurzweilAI
    So once, when leanring facts was considered the peak of intellectualism, this won’t be important anymore.
    Back in the 1980s Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve.” Industry Tap writes, “Until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Today things are not as simple as different types of knowledge have different rates of growth. . . . But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months.” And that rate will increase exponentially. IBM theorizes it could someday become every 12 hours.
    map the human brain, has calculated that several billion petabytes of data storage would be needed to index the entire human brain. The Internet is currently estimated to be 5 million terabytes (TB) of which Google has indexed roughly 200 TB or just .004% of its total size