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WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.9

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The latest release of the WSO2 ESB Version 4.9.0, introduces several new features. In this webinar we will discuss these new features including those below:

Inbound endpoints that make WSO2 ESB the ultimate dynamic integration engine
Coordination support for scheduled tasks, message processors and inbound endpoints to make sure that your system is safe as long as there is at least one node up and running
Extended integration with different MQ protocols including RabbitMQ, MQTT and Kafka support
Extended message storing capabilities including JDBC, RabbitMQ message stores in addition to JMS and in-memory message stores with failover message stores and processors
Improved connectivity to external APIs with all 100+ connectors available in the connector store
Improved file handling capabilities with file inbound
Improved FTP and SFTP support and distributed locking features with coordination

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WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.9

  1. 1. ESB 4.9.0 Release Webinar ● Chanaka Fernando ● Prabath Ariyarathna
  2. 2. Agenda o Modern enterprise and ESB o WSO2 ESB features o What is new in WSO2 ESB 4.9.0? - Inbound Endpoints - Coordination support for scheduled tasks - MSMP improvements - Extended support for MQ protocols (Kafka, MQTT, RabbitMQ) o Connector store o Performance and Stability
  3. 3. Modern Enterprise and ESB o Modern Enterprises - Comprised of so many heterogenous systems and services - built based on open standards, custom-built, acquired from a third party, part of a legacy system or any such combination o Integration - Organizations move away from monolithic systems - Multiple Systems connected via SOA as the blueprint
  4. 4. Modern enterprise and ESB o Spaghetti integration Hard to -maintain -scale -troubleshoot -govern
  5. 5. Modern enterprise and ESB o ESB – The standard infrastructure to implement the SOA Easy to -maintain -scale -troubleshoot -govern
  6. 6. WSO2 ESB overview o A lightweight, high performance ESB o Comprehensive REST, SOAP, WS-* support o 100+ Connectors (Salesforce, Paypal, Twilio and many more) o SAP, FIX, HL7 - Domain specific solutions o Zero Code/Configuration driven o Extensible and Scalable
  7. 7. New features (Inbound Endpoints) o Creating inbound messaging channels dynamically. o Listening Inbound – HTTP, HL7, TCP, WS-RM o Polling Inbound – JMS, File/VFS o Injects messages directly from transport layer to mediation layer without going through the axis engine o Supports multi-tenancy o Dedicated thread pools per inbound o Built-in cluster coordination o Extending the functionality with custom inbound endpoints
  8. 8. Listening Inbound Endpoints o Starts message listening interfaces dynamically o Eg: HTTP Inbound – Dynamically create HTTP inbound message interfaces on a specified port and inject the messages into ESB message flow o Fully supported in multi-tenant environments. o HTTP, HL7, WS-RM, TCP Inbound Endpoints o Message filtering capabilities with HTTP inbound
  9. 9. Polling Inbound Endpoint o Dynamically creates message polling interfaces. o Eg: JMS Inbound Endpoint – polls a given JMS queue and inject messages into an ESB message flow. o Fully supported in multi-tenant environments o Coordination support o JMS, VFS/File Inbound Endpoints
  10. 10. Polling Inbound Endpoint - Coordinations o One consumer per cluster vs multiple consumers Single Consumer Multiple Consumers
  11. 11. New Feature (Scheduled Tasks - Coordinations) o Executing tasks in a clustered or multi-tenant environments. o With the cluster coordination support, tasks will always run on an available node in contrast to the pinned server concept which was used with earlier versions o Two modes of operation - Run in a single node (one task per iteration) - Run in multiple nodes (n tasks per iteration)
  12. 12. Scheduled Tasks - Coordinations o Executing tasks in a clustered or multi-tenant environments. o Leader election/failover support
  13. 13. Enterprise Messaging o Kafka, MQTT and RabbitMQ support
  14. 14. Enterprise Messaging (Kafka support) o Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log. o Fast, Scalable, Durable and Distributed by design o Kafka inbound endpoint to connect to inbound connections o Kafka connector for outbound communication o Two modes of operation - High level - Low level
  15. 15. Enterprise Messaging (MQTT support) o Lightweight broker-based publish/subscribe messaging protocol o Designed to be open, simple, lightweight and easy to implement. o Ideal for use in constrained environments like mobile devices and IOT. o Improved MQTT transport(axis2 transport) listener-sender implementation. o MQTT inbound endpoint for more versatile integrations
  16. 16. Enterprise Messaging (RabbitMQ support) o Robust, easy to use, well supported messaging solution o Improved the stability of the rabbitmq transport (axis2 transport) o Automatic connection recovery for RabbitMQ transport in case of failure o All content-types are now supported by RabbitMQ transport o Introduced the new feature rich inbound endpoint for rabbitmq o Added the SSL support for rabbitmq inbound/transport
  17. 17. Message Store Capability Improvements o JDBC Message Store. o Easy to connect. o Quick transactions. o Ability to work with a high capacity for long period of time. o RabbitMQ Message Store. o Robust messaging for applications. o Easy to use
  18. 18. Message Processor - Coordinations o Fully supported in multitenant environments o One consumer per cluster – Guaranteed in-order delivery o Multiple consumers – Guaranteed delivery Single Consumer Multiple Consumers
  19. 19. Failover Message Store Message Processor o Failover Store. o This allows the message store to store messages in the failover message store if the original message store is not available. o Scheduled Failover Message Processor. o Move messages which were forwarded to the failover message store to the original message store when it becomes available again.
  20. 20. 140 + Connectors o A connector is a ready made and convenient tool to reach web API’s. o ESB Connector Store(www.store.wso2.com) : 140+ connectors.
  21. 21. Performance and Stability o Fastest open source ESB. o Battle tested for most extreme conditions across numerous deployments. o Proven case studies – handling billions of transactions. o Performance improvement over the ESB 4.8.1
  22. 22. Q & A
  23. 23. Contact us !