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[APIdays Singapore 2019] Managing the API lifecycle with Open Source Technologies


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[APIdays Singapore 2019] Managing the API lifecycle with Open Source Technologies

  1. 1. Managing the API lifecycle with Open Source Technologies Sanjeewa Malalgoda WSO2 Inc.
  2. 2. 2 About me @sanjeewa-malalgoda @sanjeewa-malalgoda @sanjeewa190 ●  An open source enthusiast. ●  Associate Director Engineering, PMC member and a member of the WSO2 API Manager team. ●  Core Contributor OpenAPI Generator project. ●  Contributor to different Apache projects.
  3. 3. Open Source Software
  4. 4. 4 Open Source Softwares https://opensource.org/
  5. 5. 5 Open Source Softwares - Challenges ●  Early stages there were some challenges with open source software development. ○  Resistance from patents, fees, bundled solutions etc. ○  How to get paid while doing open source software. ○  How to govern and control projects. ○  Business models around open source.
  6. 6. 6 Open Source Softwares - Challenges ●  With right toolsets and practices open source community addressed these challenges. ○  Tools - Github, maven, slack, google groups, SO. ○  Business Models - Production/ development support for open source software, Plugin and component development, Consultancy, Partnerships and deployment services.
  7. 7. 7 Open Source Softwares - Today ●  Linux open source operating systems run on 65% of all servers in the world. ●  Nearly 80% of companies run part or all of their operations in open source. ●  92% of applications contain open source libraries. ●  65% of companies leverage open source software to speed application development. ●  67% of companies encourage their developers to actively contribute to open source software. Sources - 2018 TIDELIFT PROFESSIONAL OPEN SOURCE SURVEY, Black duck survey,
  8. 8. 8 Open Source Softwares - Continuous Growth ●  Open source software emerging in mission-critical, customer-facing workloads ●  “41% identify increasing their use of open source as a high or critical priority”. (Forrester) ●  The increasing demand for agile, customer- obsessed technology drives interest in open source ●  Mature open source projects challenge traditional proprietary solutions
  9. 9. 9 Open Source Softwares - Big Moves ●  All most all the software giants are moving towards open source. ○  Google : Kubernetes, Tensorflow ○  Facebook : OpenCompute, HHVM, OpenCellular ○  Twitter : Mesos/Aurora/Parquet/Heron ○  Netflix : NetflixOSS Suite ○  Microsoft : VSCode ■  Open sourcing patents.
  10. 10. 10 Open Source Softwares - Contributions (Github 2018) Rank Company Employees Contributing 1 Microsoft 4,550 2 Google 2,267 3 Red Hat 2,027 4 IBM 1,813
  11. 11. 11 Open Source Softwares - Contributions Microsoft's GitHub open source code contributions since 2014. (Source: Microsoft Open Source Virtual Conference keynote talk of Sept. 13, 2018)
  12. 12. 12 Open Source -Advantages ●  Rapid adoption of new technologies and speed to market with wider collaboration ●  Limitless resources that comes as a benefit of the community ●  Wider thinking and wider intellectual input that comes from the community ●  Open standards enabling easy integrations to other systems
  13. 13. 13 Open Source -Advantages ●  Better security due to the ability to know what's inside ●  Working with best in the software industry as software giants embrace open source technology ●  Not bound to proprietary license costs
  14. 14. 14 Open Source Softwares - Are They Cheap? ●  They comes with all advantages we mentioned above. ●  Users can use their budget to build OOS expertise within organization(get training etc). ●  To use software effectively you should have understand about internals.
  15. 15. Digital Transformation and API Management
  16. 16. 16 Digital Transformation and API Management ●  Every company will become software company ●  Systems will become more intelligent ●  Digital Transformation is a race where everyone needs to get faster to the market ●  CIO Agenda Industry Insights report shows that all industries rank digital business as one of their top 10 business objective (Gartner 2018)
  17. 17. 17 Digital Transformation and API Management ●  Digital transformation means integration of digital technology into all areas of business. ●  It’s continuous but never ending process. ●  Adopting state of the art technology is key for the digital transformation. ●  Mandatory to move away from legacy platforms. ●  Understand how disruptive technology affects the digital customer experience.
  18. 18. Open Source API Management Solutions
  19. 19. 19 Open Source API Management - Vendors ●  API Umbrella ●  WSO2 ●  Gravitee ●  Tyk ●  Kong Community Version ●  Swagger and Open API ●  Fusio ●  APIMan
  20. 20. 20 Open Source API Management - Offerings ●  Open source gateway while other components remain proprietary. ●  Complete API lifecycle management including all components. ●  Some solutions offer community version which is open source while they have different commercially support version.
  21. 21. Why we need Open Source Softwares to Manage API Lifecycles
  22. 22. Digital Transformation is a collective effort ●  Organization can’t build its own platform without external technologies ●  Good journey partners are important factor ●  Rapid changes in digital business creates more requirements ●  Closed development teams are not fully aware of current trends and requirements ●  Open source community power provide greater insight and collaborative power
  23. 23. Digital Transformation is a collective effort ●  Linus's Law ○  Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow : Empirically, open source tends to produce better quality software than its proprietary or alternative counterparts ●  Wide adoption surface bugs and edge cases much more rapidly than traditional, predictive QA processes ●  Code contributions and review process of world best developers ●  Open source code quality tools integrations with seamless build processes ●  Automated code inspections and review processes.
  24. 24. Build around the Open Standards ●  Digital transformation requires integrate multiple systems with state of the art technology ●  Organizations are subject to acquisitions and merges with the time ●  Standards will remain same ●  Open standards are the main interface to integrate with the systems.
  25. 25. Enhanced Security ●  Open source software teams extra precautious on security ●  It’s designed to secure from inception to implementation level ●  Continuous security and vulnerability scans ●  Wider exposure with security vulnerabilities finders, researchers and hackers
  26. 26. Better Transparency ●  Open source allows for greater transparency of process ●  How do I know that the process, our process, is fair and accurate? ●  GDPR Compliance Evaluation ●  Government action or governmental function of a private company's software
  27. 27. Extensibility and Customizability. ●  Digital transformation require agile process to adopt technologies ●  No software can meet all digital requirements ●  Open Source projects are the best in providing extensible and customizable architecture ●  Flexibility to collaborate, influence product roadmaps and open contributions are best at open source projects.
  28. 28. Passionate Developers ●  Passionate developers produce high quality software ●  Open forums, discussions and code review processes with wider audience ●  Showcase own innovations and codings in anywhere ●  Best place to meet diversity of people ●  Inhouse developers also happily contribute because they gain expertise on something widely used.
  29. 29. Cost Effectiveness ●  Startups can start using solutions with no cost. ●  Avoid usage based pricing for API usages. ●  Can avoid some expensive security scans. ●  Use inhouse expertise to reduce engineering cost. ●  It's not cheap it doesn't have to be. Why? ○  Comes with extensibility flexibility and all above features ●  Extensions, documents, community support freely available.
  30. 30. Corporate Responsibility ●  Obligation to give back. ●  Teaching the next generation. ●  It’s not about money. ●  Help for faster innovations and mitigate reinventing the wheel. ●  Technology for betterment of the community.
  31. 31. Our Experience
  32. 32. 32 #1 6th Open Source Integration Vendor Largest Apache Committer Largest Open Source Vendor 7th WSO2: Helping Digitally Driven Organizations Implement API Strategy
  33. 33. Open contributions help build, test, verify. The best way to Speed innovation Open Source The Best Solution to Meet Digital Transformation Needs Closed-source, open-core, and iPaaS are not equipped to handle the challenge and the change 33 Changing Protocols & Formats OSS Community & Collaboration 1M open source contributions 6th largest Apache contributor 69th largest GitHub contributor WSO2 Leadership 300+ Contributors 100+ Projects
  34. 34. 3 4 “...the only fully open source solution in our Wave analysis, WSO2 provides good breadth across all evaluation criteria.” Leader in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018
  35. 35. THANK YOU wso2.com