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What is brand journalism?

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Brand Journalism is about telling a story to engage and inspire your audience, crafting a message that works in the digital age. More at www.writethinking.co.uk

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What is brand journalism?

  1. 1. What is brand journalism? for more visit www.writethinking.co.uk Adrian MacLeod
  2. 2. Brand Journalism is about telling a story to engage and inspire your audience Here’s why:
  3. 3. Most people have to deal with way too much information these days Did you know there are 3.2 trillion web pages and counting?
  4. 4. They have become incredibly discriminating about what they’ll give time and attention to Most people only have about 12 web pages they regularly come back to
  5. 5. They have taken to tuning out sales pitches, even subtle ones “The day I want to buy a Ybm47b, I’ll Google it”
  6. 6. But they still like to have fun, to be entertained, to be educated. In fact, they seem to crave certain types of information Mostly cats on skateboards
  7. 7. And they still like to go shopping Even men — if it’s for power boats
  8. 8. Brand journalism is about telling a story around what you have to sell
  9. 9. It’s about making your area of interest fun, entertaining and educational It’s about giving an audience the type of information they crave
  10. 10. It’s about using the ideas of the social media age to engage that audience
  11. 11. So when they come to want to buy something, they don’t just think of you they think well of you
  12. 12. And that is brand journalism for more visit www.writethinking.co.uk Adrian MacLeod