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Make your own silicone wristbands

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Now design your own wristbands in an easiest way ever!! Yes with the help of our silicone wristband's builder page, anyone can easily make their own wristbands and rubber bracelets with their desired color, message and artwork.

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Make your own silicone wristbands

  1. 1. MAKE YOUR OWN WRISTBANDSPrefaceMake BraceletsWristband IdeasOrder WristbandsDesign WristbandsWholesale WristbandsWhy People Use WristbandsDesign Your Own WristbandsFinale
  2. 2. PREFACEEach person has their own choices when it comes to wristband design. Everyonewishes to design their own wristbands or any type of fashion accessory but it isquite difficult to do so.But Wristbandconnection allows you to make your own wristbands with yourdesired color, artwork and message.You can design your own wristbands within a few seconds and make it lookattractive with your favorite slogan or message embossed or Debossed on it.To make your special events more adaptable and lively you can order a greatnumber of wristbands that shall be customized for you.So, with our Custom-made wristbands your event willbe made special also they can be used to gift yourspecial ones as well.
  3. 3. MAKE BRACELETSGenerally when people purchase wristbands online, will worryabout the size of the band.To get rid of from this, wristbandconnection.com has given you thesample sizes in print out format.So take a print out of our wristband size guide and check which sizefits your wrist.Then mention the size while placing your silicone wristbands order.All wristbands from wristbandconnection.com are 100% silicone. Soits allergy free and long-lasting.Sizes available:  X-Small-5.5 Inches Small-7 inches Medium-7.5 inches Large-8 inches. X-Large-8.5 inches
  4. 4. WRISTBAND IDEASFundraising-Fundraising wristbands to create awareness for a specific cause or issueSporting events-Silicone wristbands a simple and easy way to increase fan supportSpiritual activities-Custom silicone bracelets to spread their beliefs by customizing them with special spiritual messagesFamily gatherings-Party Wristbands great way to help people remember special get-togethers.Corporate Branding-Custom silicone bracelets Spread the word about your company sloganHolidays-Logo Wristbands used for different holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.
  5. 5. Order wristbandsWhen you order wristbands from wristbandconnection.com weguarantee the following: Lowest price Fastest delivery On-time shipping Best quality 100% Silicone Free shipping within US
  6. 6. design wristbandsIt is very easy to design wristbands.Just visit our easy wristband creator section! Fill in the detailsonline.Select font of your choice, add text on your wristband and youcan also add clip art on the wristband.Then, select your color -- we have nearly 40 colors to choosefrom!Select your quantity – no minimums for most of our customwristbands!Thats it! Well take care of making your custom designedwristbands and delivering your ordered wristbands to you on-time.
  7. 7. Wholesale wristbandsPeople buy wristbands in bulk when they want to distribute it inschools, or for fundraising events, to promote business ventures or tosupport a local team.You can customize silicone made rubber bracelets to place yourmessage and wristbands are cheaper when it compared to othersouvenirs like pens, hats, etc.Silicone wristbands most popular colors are pink, red, yellow and blackwhere as: Pink symbolizes breast cancer Red represents HIV Yellow represents cancer
  8. 8. WHY PEOPLE USE WRISTBANDSPeople love to purchase wristbands mainly for threereasons. First, to enhance their fashion outfit, second tosupport any cause or events and third for fundraising andcharity.Wristbands are also can be used for identification purposeand its excellent for safety, crowd control, drinking ageverification, identifying volunteers, etc.Recently wristbandconnection.com has introduced strongID wristbands and kid ID bands especially for identificationpurpose.For specified wristband purchases, one part of yourpurchasing amount will go for charity for eg: the one whobuys livestrong wristbands indirectly pay a dollar to the LanceArmstrong cancer charity.
  9. 9. Design YOUR OWN wristbandsWe can make different styles of messages like embossed, debossed toprinted, color core and lazer made wristbands as well as two colors, swirledor single color bands also available.Wristbands can be used for personal use, religious and sports activities,birthday parties, school functions, corporations etc.We have launched a new product named as silicone thumb rings. Thesefinger rings are fast becoming a fashion statement all over the world so getyour finger ring soon. This is made up of 100% silicone and is considered non-toxic.We provide three sizes of bands-small, medium and large. Small size isnearly 7 inches, medium has a circumference of 7.5 inches and large isapproximately 8 inches.
  10. 10. FINALEWristbands can be used for: Concerts or Festivals During admission Tournaments Schools, Colleges, Offices. Party. Meetings, Events, Awareness ProgramsWhy wristbandconnection.com?You can make your own choice at wristbandconnection.com.Our wristbands will not tear or stretch and it can used as one of thegreat and unique fashion accessory.There are wide variety of silicone wristbands and rubber braceletsavailable in Wristbandconnection.We hold 1 million wristbands in stock which is hard to copy by otherwristband manufacturers.