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Quiz: Are You A Micromanager?

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https://www.wrike.com/blog/take-this-quiz-are-you-a-micromanager/ - According to a survey from the book My Way or the Highway, 71% of non-managers said micromanagement has interfered with their job performance. Whether you came to this quiz on your own or received it from a concerned friend, it’s time to find out once and for all if you’re being too overbearing.

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Quiz: Are You A Micromanager?

  1. 1. J. ‘ I 1 I . , formal introductions llleelily ineetiiigs are ‘typically. .. .2 III I you listening as your manager I . . . l . '_ sets priorities just you talking to a silent room , , j I, l ‘*7 an exchange of ideas between . ; you and your colleagues lirainstorming sessions are. .. an opportunity to hear new suggestions to create the best solution I<= ) . I<= } 1 ' an easy way to learn about good ideas and discard the bad ones I’, a waste of time, since none of the l; ideas will be taken seriously I l: 'I. ’l1eii new people join the team, you. .. wait for the boss to make offer your assistance and maybe HZ, ‘ ‘.1 H, ask for their opinion on a few topics 5, 0., walk them through every task for I a couple of days until they learn the ropes , I l: 'I. 'l1en someone EISIIS for your help, you. .. solve the problem for them so they don't have to worry about extra work refer them to your manager; she'll know the exact answer ‘* I teach them how to solve . pr their problem . l. ‘i. ’llell delegating 'I3SllS, you. .. 51 think, "Delegate tasks? No need, l’. ', I can just do it myself. " Follow up assign the task and provide an overview of the details and expectations ‘ I pass them to your manager; he IT will decide who should take over I ‘_= 'I. ’l1en a iieri project is getting staiteil, you. .. provide a general overview, list of . _ expectations, and offer your help HEW give a detailed list of priorities, expectations, and action steps CREATE-N ask for a detailed list of priorities, expectations, and action steps lllhen making project decisions, you. .. I ask the project manager how they want it done L 1 I ask for the opinions of 3-‘ in I your colleagues I -. “ I‘; just do what seems right Mr 1* ‘i? I . a when you notice your team memher’s project IS almost ilone, you. .. ask if they need any last-minute , help with the project make sure they have the manager's approval before they move on recheck every detail to make sure everything is in order 7 I‘ II II I 1 1 1 ‘~ 1 ’1 1. " point out every error and . , suggest improvements l: 'I. 'lien commenting on your tea1ninate's iuoi'li, you. .. I I‘ T O defer to your manager for a final opinion / / swing by her cubicle and give a few points of constructive criticism I l: 'I. 'l1en choosing a movie, you prefer films in whicli. .. everyone gets a happy ending authority figures are prominent III the big villain gets his due , I‘ L AIIII III’ THE PIIIIIT VALUES EIIRYIIIIII SELECTED ANSWERS. BE HIIIIESTI 1, 'IlI| |l "IIIII II. A B C A B C 1 . 6 . 2 , 7 . 3 ' , 8 . 4 , ' 9 . 5 , 1o . Ill '0' AI 1" ll '. '- II-20 PIIIIITS YIIlI’IlE PIIIIBIIBIY I-Ill PIIIIITS SIIUIIIIS LIKE YlI| I'RE 21-3lI PIIIIITS YIIII MAY BE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAISER I7 _2l It may be time to revise how you work with others. It's important to give people's ideas a fair chance. Ask for opinions (and actually consider them) next time you work on a project. lIlillEll1TElllI_PLllYER E‘? ,. i You know when to input your own ideas and when to appreciate a colleague's work You support your teammates and expect the same in return. Sure, nobody is perfect, but you're doing a greatjob. IIEIIIIE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEII «.3 I I I Oh my. Maybe it's time to talk to the people micromanaging you and ask them to treat your suggestions with more respect. You have great ideas too - don't let your creativity suffocate! BRIIUIIHTTII YIIII BY If you want to how to improve your management style, check out this link: http: //hit. ly/ micromgmt Award-winning project management and collaboration software. www. wrike. com