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Surgical Tapes for Dressing and Bandage Retention

Retain your dressing and bandage with the long-lasting surgical tapes from Wound-Care. Select from a wide variety of tapes that suites your healing needs.

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Surgical Tapes for Dressing and Bandage Retention

  1. 1. Surgical Tapes F O R D R E S S I N G A N D B A N D A G E R E T E N T I O N W O U N D C A R E P R E S E N T S OPSITE FLEXIFIX Opsite Flexifix is a transparent waterproof film whose high moisture vapor permeability helps prevent the accumulation of perspiration and fluid under the dressing. It aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination. SCANPORE TAPE Scanpor Tape is a non-woven microporous adhesive tape which is designed to be easier. Therefore, it is less painful to remove than other surgical tapes. CLINIPORE TAPE Clinipore Tape is a permeable non- woven synthetic adhesive tape which is hypoallergenic, latex-free , easily tearable and highly conformable. It is ideal for securing dressings on akward areas of the body. MICROPORE TAPE Micropore Tape is a latex free, highly conformable hypoallergenic ' paper ' tape which is suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin. It tears easily for quick and easy application. OMNIFIX TAPE Omnifix Tape is made from a soft, non- woven fabric which is coated with a latex-free adhesive. It is highly conformable and easy to apply, ideal for patients with sensitive skin. 0845 900 1309 info@aidability.com Aidability Limited, PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA wound-care.co.uk