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Hiccup types and techniques

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Hiccup types and techniques

  1. 1. Hiccup types and techniques to stop them Home remedies
  2. 2. Understanding hiccup types and techniques to stop them We all have experienced hiccups at some point in our lives – these hiccups that can make it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation, eat a meal or even maintain a train of thought. Generally, hiccups can last from few minutes to a few hours. But in some people it may last for days to even years. Types of hiccups Persistent hiccups are those which last for more than 48 hours.
  3. 3. Hiccups can occur with any age group starting from infants and newborn. As we get older, you could see reduction in hiccups. The most likely time to hiccup is in the evening. Woman can hiccup more during the first two weeks of their menstrual cycle. So this is one reason why pregnant women tend to hiccup less compare to nonpregnant woman NATURAL PARENTING http://readlock.blogspot.in/ So for more information follow my articles on Understanding Hiccup types and techniques to stop them
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