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Wolfe Portfolio

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Wolfe Portfolio

  1. 1. MARKETING Strategy|Design|Execution
  2. 2. Strategic customer + market research market action planning project concept + development product launch programs corporate communications Integrated marketing is more than great parts. customer experience architecture partnership + channel development It’s parts that work great together. With each other and with other business processes. Tactical advertising + direct mail campaigns Having executed in a variety of creative and marketing roles, I am relationship + data-driven marketing a versatile and valuable asset with the focus and experience to attraction + retention programs public relations + media relations deliver parts and programs that integrate easily and synchronize brand development + management with a company and its sales and executive teams. Creative content development web + interactive design telephone 949.375.7033 environmental / PoP design email timwolfe10@yahoo.com product and package design print advertising and collateral sales + business development systems technical, editorial and promotional copywriting Management team development + leadership briefs, budgets, timelines + proposals performance tracking + evaluation cross-departmental collaboration change management + planning MARKETING Strategy|Design|Execution
  3. 3. Concepts Brand LaptopBattery One
  4. 4. Concepts Brand QwicKey
  5. 5. Concepts Brand Shelby Gray
  6. 6. Concepts Brand MagneSafe
  7. 7. Concepts Brand US Capital
  8. 8. Brand Various
  9. 9. LaptopBatteryOne.com LaptopBatteryOne.com competes in the price- and convenience-driven business of delivering replacement and upgrade batteries. To succeed, extensive research was done to create an efficient navigation and architecture for connecting customer to the right product. A streamlined purchase experience represented a value comparable to superior warranties and expedited/ discounted shipping for converting and retaining customers. Web LaptopBattery One
  10. 10. MagTek.com MagTek represents several differentiated divisions targeting financial institutions with a variety of banking security and electronic transaction products and solutions. The site needed to allow visitors to differentiate these categories and deliver an experience information targeted towards maintaining relationships. Web MagTek
  11. 11. QwicKey.com QwicKey targets online consumers with a simple offer: convenient access and secure storage of all your personal and financial data to make online shopping faster, easier and safer. The website needed to mirror that promised experience and complete the process of moving potential customers from interest through purchase and use. Web QwicKey
  12. 12. Specification Sheet Collateral Visual Appliances
  13. 13. Automotive Promotion Program Collateral US Capital
  14. 14. MagTek Catalog System Collateral MagTek
  15. 15. Regent Bond Rug Catalog Collateral Regent Bond
  16. 16. Detoximax Packaging Packaging HerbalGen X
  17. 17. QwicKey Packaging Packaging QwicKey
  18. 18. Alayra Christmas CD Packaging Jana Alayra
  19. 19. MagTek Tradeshow Elements Secure Instant Card Issuance TRA Secure Instant Card Personalization Secure Teller Transactions Secure ATM Transactions Secure Card Reading Secure Remote Deposit TR Secure On-Line Sign-On and Password Protection INSTANT INSTANT CARD CARD PERSONALIZATION ISSUANCE Elements MagTek
  20. 20. Harold Steven’s Frontage Advertising Harold Steven’s
  21. 21. Glabman “Definitions” Advertising Advertising Glabman
  22. 22. Glabman “for Kids” Advertising Advertising Jana Alayra
  23. 23. Due Process “Public Access” Advertising To the trade had a little accident. No one cried. Advertising Due Process
  24. 24. Advertising Visual Appliances
  25. 25. IngeTrust Visualization Securing credit card data is a complicated process. To create customers for its IngeTrust process, MagTek needed a way to make the complicated easy to appreciate and compelling. The right visual gave customers allowed potential customers to see that process and gave MagTek executives an effective reference to show how it protected data and merchants from abuse not just at the point of purchase but throughout the internal transfer of information to banking institutions. Visualization MagTek
  26. 26. Tech Academy Focus on what you can do, not what you are. Brawn Consulting is an undisputed leader in Audio Visual marketing and education, training executives and sales staffs for most of the leading manufacturers and systems integrators. They needed to connect their extensive educational programs (branded educational product eventually known as Tech Academy) which imparted key concepts with a mix of visual, verbal and text cues most likely to “stick” in the minds of executives. Presentation Brawn Consulting
  27. 27. Permantec Performance Management Software It’s 2 in the morning....on a Saturday. Performance management companies Do you know where your departments are? tend to focus on solutions and promises Does every manager in your company know the status of every in copy; solutions and promises that blur project and goal? for every subordinate department and every with the similarities. However, the value direct report? at any time and from any location? without having of performance management is often the to ask for a report or meeting? questions it answers, especially for the stakeholders who play the biggest role in Does your performance evaluation system focus and motivate selecting performance management service your staff on a daily basis? or is it a report waiting for some future and product providers. The copy framed the review? biggest frustrations and desires as questions Does every employee have meaningful ways to contribute to where Permantec’s Pathfinder system could the company’s success beyond their primary job responsibilities? deliver a superior experience. without you having to remind them (or even ask them)? Pathfinder is a secure, web-based performance management system that transforms company, department and personal goals into action, not reports. A system that gives you real time information you can access anytime and anywhere. Even at two in the morning on a weekend when you’re looking for peace of mind. Copy Permantec
  28. 28. Executive Brief Visual Appliances (VAI) can transform any wall into a revenue generator, branding and advertising opportunity, point-of-contact and sale and, thanks to proprietary Visual Appliances needed a factual technology, VAI can deliver digital signage networks and interactive displays at lower document that would provide potential landed cost than other OEMs in the emerging digital signage market. partners, investors and customers with a concise “snapshot” of the company, its Since inception in November 2005, VAI has developed a “plug and play” modular accomplishments and capabilities and solution for commercial grade, flat panel display systems. Key milestones include: • Developed patent-pending solutions for image retention, image quality, content projections for both the company and its transmission, component integration and interactive interfaces. industry. • Produced saleable hardware and software products for key display applications. • Completed successful technical qualifications with Fortune 500 customers. • Secured $2 Million in backlog orders for 2007 delivery • Solidified distribution partnerships with top tier VARs A Multi Billion Dollar Market with Some Key Growth Barriers The North American Digital Signage Market is expected to reach $1.35 billion in 2011 (see Analyst inset) with compounded annual growth of over 25%. When advertising revenues are included, projected CAGR jumps to over 65% with an estimated $3.7 billion. Fueling this growth is expanding investment by large companies (see box at right), especially in the retail and hospitality industries, who can justify effort and expenses to even more ambitious programs despite lingering barriers to implementing, managing and profiting from digital signage networks..... Copy Visual Appliances
  29. 29. Automotive Promotion Program “How is a US Capital Program going to help me?” US Capital needed to quickly connect with US Capital’s promotional card programs do several things that automotive dealers who are bombarded other marketing can’t. From saturation mailing to the latest with promises of increased traffic and sales internet strategy, there are a lot of ways to try filling your on a daily basis and tend to make decisions showroom. quickly. However, moving cars means bringing the right people in the right way. US Capital allows you to target your customer with a direct mail offer that is more than pretty pictures. A credit card is something that your customers can touch, can understand and psychologically give more value to than a printed offer. Best of all, the act of filling out the information to activate that card will give your sales organization the financial information at the start of the relationship. Rather than stumbling in the dark, you can save time and sell from a position of strength without being aggressive to get the information you need.... Copy US Capital
  30. 30. Strategic customer + market research market action planning project concept + development product launch programs corporate communications customer experience architecture partnership + channel development Tactical advertising + direct mail campaigns relationship + data-driven marketing attraction + retention programs public relations + media relations brand development + management Creative content development web + interactive design environmental / PoP design product and package design print advertising and collateral sales + business development systems technical, editorial and promotional copywriting Management team development + leadership briefs, budgets, timelines + proposals performance tracking + evaluation cross-departmental collaboration change management + planning telephone 949.375.7033 email timwolfe10@yahoo.com MARKETING Strategy|Design|Execution