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Validation, prototiping and MVPs in Startup Weekend

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How to validate and create a MVP in Startup Weekend Madrid

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Validation, prototiping and MVPs in Startup Weekend

  1. 1. MVPs and prototyping Wilhelm Lappe
  3. 3. ValidationandMVPs Interviews
  4. 4. ValidationandMVPs interviews get out of the building the value of direct contact feeling, improvise, non verbal communication interact with humans
  5. 5. ValidationandMVPs interviews interviews vs surveys qualitative vs quantitative. What/how vs how many we don’t need a statistical truth on-line is dangerous
  6. 6. ValidationandMVPs what kind of people You should interview your potential customers and/or users Your friend’s opinion doesn’t matter Your grandma will always love the product
  7. 7. ValidationandMVPs finding people to interview networking: 1st degree Linkedin contacts, your contact list marketing actions: twitter/facebook followers, landing page subscribers,… cold calling: not the best way but… if you can’t find people to have a coffee, how do you want to get customers?
  8. 8. ValidationandMVPs finding people to interview when you have 1-5 people it’s easier ask for new introductions people know similar people and usually they are open to do an introduction
  9. 9. ValidationandMVPs interviews: tips many people are not familiar with interviews explain what you want to do: clarify you’re not selling anything try to add some value to them: I’ll tell you the results, I’ll invite you to be a first user… maybe you’re asking for a favor: invite to coffee
  10. 10. ValidationandMVPs interviews: tips brief, ask for 20 min. It’s a coffee break move to the place of the interviewee maybe visiting your coworking is cool: use it don’t pay for the interview: it affects the answers and the profile
  11. 11. ValidationandMVPs bad and good questions What do you like? : cinema, theater…. What did you do yesterday? watched tv and ate burgers Ask about behaviors, not about ideas People lie, at least they idealize themselves
  12. 12. ValidationandMVPs don’t be a seller an interview is subjective by itself: try to avoid it you’re not selling: get feedback speak less, listen most of the time taking notes is ok, writing everything is annoying people don’t like to be recorded
  13. 13. ValidationandMVPs cultural issues answers are different depending on the country: read between the lines Germans give honest feedback: and it hurts Spaniards always agree with you (despite thinking you’re crazy) understand: yes, yes, YES, YES!!!!
  14. 14. ValidationandMVPs do it with a scientific method setup fail/success criteria beforehand fill the template for every single interview that’s critical to understand different customer segment criteria analyze the data you get, not your feelings
  15. 15. ValidationandMVPs it’s not terrible This is the first time talking with your customers, or at least with customers in this country It’s demanding, and breaking the ice is difficult, more speaking another language But at the end it’s a very rewarding experience
  16. 16. ValidationandMVPs Interviews: problem interview
  17. 17. ValidationandMVPs problem interview check the problem • Talk about the problems: 3 problems – 1 story • Rank the problem: troubles and pains • pain level: must, nice, don’t need • current alternatives • New problems???
  18. 18. ValidationandMVPs problem interview: results what must you have? an identified early adopter: demographics a worthy problem to be solved: must-have how that’s solved now
  19. 19. ValidationandMVPs Interviews: solution interview
  20. 20. ValidationandMVPs solution interview check the problem and customer show the solution: what do you have discover the price: not easy
  21. 21. ValidationandMVPs solution interview: steps demo: this is the key show a solution for each problem wait for questions screenshots: which ones do you like, which ones to remove did you miss something?
  22. 22. ValidationandMVPs solution interview: steps price: “is art” would you like to use for free tell the price go top to bottom, something painful but only a little summarize : would you like to use the beta, ask for more contacts?
  23. 23. ValidationandMVPs solution interview: results what must you have? an identified early adopter: demographics a worthy problem to be solved: must-have minimum features to solve it a price the customer would like to/can pay a business opportunity
  24. 24. ValidationandMVPs MVPs
  25. 25. ValidationandMVPs Main objective: learning We can do it only with an experiment • paper prototypes • non functional prototypes • mockups • usability tests focused on one issue
  26. 26. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques Landing pages • they are a “fake” product • fake the “buy”, “reserve”, “pay” • use SEM and spend 50€ to attract traffic • create A/B tests B2C is better than B2B
  27. 27. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques Crowdfunding or pre-sales are great, because people speak with €€€€€€€€€€€€
  28. 28. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques prototype apps with coupons: big leap of faith
  29. 29. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques Do something manually before creating the technology • e-concierge: people know it’s manual, but you’re learning • mechanical Turk: people don’t realize it’s manual, but it’s difficult to be real-time
  30. 30. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques prototyping hardware: functional vs design
  31. 31. ValidationandMVPs MVP: techniques
  32. 32. ValidationandMVPs MVP: fears It’s simple but entrepreneurs create their own barriers: • it’s crappy • I’ll damage the brand prestige • the users can’t tell me what they want
  33. 33. ValidationandMVPs MVP: challenges It’s easier in digital than in real life and in services than in products • how to prototype restaurants or shops: pop-up stores, corners…. • When your value is based on design and quality • hardware: prototyping vs manufacturing • B2B: not many chances to fail
  34. 34. ValidationandMVPs Validation facts
  35. 35. ValidationandMVPs be sure you’re getting the right feedback 90% of people agree with you, 80% of the people will pay you It doesn’t happen in the real world
  36. 36. ValidationandMVPs the best one
  37. 37. ValidationandMVPs actions show the truth contracts, pre-contracts appoitnments for a meeting (for B2B) real users (if the pay it’s better)
  38. 38. ValidationandMVPs vanity metrics phone email followers
  39. 39. ValidationandMVPs Show me the money!!!!!
  40. 40. ValidationandMVPs Wilhelm Lappe @wlappe www.emprelab.com - @emprelab info@emprelab.com Wilhelm Lappe Thanks!