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The anatomy of a 100,000 image cooperation German Federal Archives, Wikipedia and the greater picture

Presentation by Mathias Schindler at GLAM-WIKI.

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The anatomy of a 100,000 image cooperation German Federal Archives, Wikipedia and the greater picture

  1. 1. The anatomy of a 100,000 image cooperation German Federal Archives, Wikipedia and the greater picture Mathias Schindler Wikimedia Germany e.V. GLAM-Wiki August 6th, 2009 Australian War Memorial Canberra
  2. 2. Wikimedia Germany http://www.wikimedia.de • Registered Association under German Civil Law • Founded in 2004 • Approved as a charitable organisation • Money comes almost exclusively from donations • Does not run the German language Wikipedia • 8 full time employees, 2 student trainees • http://www.wikimedia.de
  3. 3. Bundesarchiv http://www.bundesarchiv.de • higher federal authority • Purpose: to permanently collect and keep archive material and to make it usable for scientific purposesI • Operating under the Federal Archive Act of 1988 • Currently owns about 10 million images, many of them not yet digitalized
  4. 4. Cooperation • In 2007, the Bundesarchiv started its online image repository • It was possible to look at thumbnails, everything else was to be paid for • No freely licensed material • So we wrote a friendly email... • 12 months of negotiation later, a contract between the Bundesarchiv and Wikimedia Germany was signed
  5. 5. Terms of the Agreement • The Bundesarchiv is providing Wikimedia with images under Creative Commons (by-sa) • The images are usually scaled down • The minimum size is currently 800px on the larger side • Wikimedia in return is going to help match person authority file records between – Wikipedia – Bundesarchiv – German National Library (PND)
  6. 6. Status • Matching status completed after 3 months • Feedback from the Wikipedia community was extremely positive • Images were integrated into Wikipedia almost instantly • Limitation to 800px is currently considered to be acceptable • Feedback to the Bundesarchive was positive as well, their traffic is now at all-time highs
  7. 7. Feedback
  8. 8. Matching Authority File Records
  9. 9. Matching Authority File Records
  10. 10. Matching Authority File Records
  11. 11. Matching Authority File Records
  12. 12. Matching Authority File Records
  13. 13. Wikipedia as a starting point
  14. 14. Referencing the Source
  15. 15. German National Library
  16. 16. VIAF.org
  17. 17. A network of authority
  18. 18. Bi-directional linking
  19. 19. Bi-directional linking
  20. 20. Ongoing Efforts • We are looking for more archives who are willing to enter such a cooperation • We are also trying to get access to bibliographic databases and authority files to improve our ability for these matching processes • On March 31st, we signed a new cooperation agreement with the State and University Library of Saxony with similar parameters • In the very long run, we anticipate this model to be attractive even for more commercially oriented image archives
  21. 21. Thank you Mathias Schindler Wikimedia Deutschland mathias.schindler@wikimedia.de