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Mobility in The African-American Market

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Mobility in The African-American Market

  1. 1. Mobility in the African-American Market African-American Business Owners, Have you been trying to reach your customers but just can’t seem to find them? If the answer is yes then you probably tried the yellow pages, newspaper ads, and even a website but nothing seem to work. You still only reach a small number of customers that is not worth the money you put into your ad campaign. Then what if I told you that you can reach your potential clients 24/7 even if they don’t have your print ads or visiting your website, not possible you say. Well is very possible believe it or not your potential clients have a device with them that will give them not only access to your message, but will let them tell you in real time if they want the products or services. That device is their cell phone or mobile device and forAfrican Americans it is the most used technology device they have. Let’s take it further the mostused applications used by African-Americans on their phones are email and SMS and that mostanswer email or SMS immediately after receiving them. So what does that means to me or mybusiness? You ask. That means if you want to reach you customers mobile marketing with SMSor email will bring more customers to your door faster than traditional ads. “Yeah that soundsgood but I heard that before, so where’s your real proof not just this salesman’s hype that soundsvery chessey” I thought you ask that question so here are the numbers.The African-American Mobile Market:The Pew Survey 2007The Pew survey notes that African Americans are the most active and fastest-growing segment ofmobile web users: 48 percent of Africans Americans have at one time accessed the Internet viamobile device, and 29 percent use the mobile web on an average day. Pew contends these highlevels of activity means the digital divide between African Americans and white Americansdiminishes when mobile use is taken into account, offsetting limited access to computers, laptops,and home broadband connections.Nielsen Report 2008According to Nielsen’s Q2 2008 Mobile Advertising Report,African-American and Hispanic mobile subscribers are also more likely than the typicaltexter to engage with some form of text message advertising in a month, 24 and 23 percentrespectively. Of those text messagers who recall seeing some form of advertising while using textmessaging, 45 percent say they have responded. Furthermore, the most popular response actionto any type of mobile advertising (text, mobile web, video, etc.) in Q2 2008 was actually to send atext message. Among mobile subscribers who saw any form of mobile advertising in the quarter,25 percent say they responded at least once by sending another text message—emphasizing theinteractivity and engagement this medium presents.
  2. 2. The exciting part of SMS Marketing is not only the additional immediate revenue you’ll likelygenerate, but also the added referrals that become possible as a result in addition to thecompetitive barriers you’ll create by getting primary customer relationship going nowHow to create a mobile network?In today’s economy there has been no more confusing technology then business mobility. Whatdoes the term mobility really mean? What is mobile is it a cell phone, a PDA, or a WI-FI enabledlaptop? Or is it a little bit of all of them. Maybe mobility is in the network the ease of beingconnected to your important information no matter what device you are using. If that is how you’rethinking of mobility then you are halfway there. Yes, I said halfway there, the other and mostimportant half is what many businesses fail to understand.That is mobility is your culture, applications, and how your business relates to your employeesand customers. In short mobility is you. Here’s why no mobile solution can be effective for you ifit’s not tailored for the way you do business. Many companies that have tried and failed atmobility have blamed their failure on not having the right device or network. Then they compoundtheir failure by buying more devices and trying the latest greatest network offering without takinga look at the real barrier to why their mobile project keeps failing that is how they do business.Instead of creating a mobile assessment of how their business works and which parts of theirbusiness can become mobile and what parts should be left as they are. Instead they depend onthe marketplace to tell them how to run their business in the mobile environment.While the mobile market has some great products and services they are only tools to help youbuild your mobile network but, they are not your network simply because they don’t know howyour business works. So they really can’t make you mobile only you can do that. So the questionyou should be asking me is “How can you make my business mobile, and where do we start”?The fact that you are asking that question means you are thinking that mobility is more than justdevices.
  3. 3. The Mobile Solution We OfferNow that you know about mobility I want to tell about the solution we offer called “MERP” [MobileEnterprise Resource Planning] this solution helps business by combining the three maincomponents of mobility that is consulting, training, and system integration. These threecomponents are keys to a successful mobile project. Yet most mobile companies don’t offer theseservices to their clients instead they stress the latest greatest mobile devices and not the planningor development of a solution that can help our business create a mobile network. Our MERPsolution works with you by applying our three point system that works with your business todeveloping a mobile business plan that is designed to fit your business. That will grow with yourbusiness no matter what mobile device you deploy. Here is how the MERP System worksMERP Three Tier SolutionMERP Consulting ServicesBegins at the start of your mobile solution. Our staff will prepare a detailed report on yourcompany. This report will outline the present utilization of your technology resources andinstances where handheld computing or mobile computing could benefit your organization. Thisreport is truly one of a kind, as it is custom prepared for your enterprise. This is not a cookiecutter solution.MERP Training ServicesTakes over from there. Beginning with training for both end user and IT staff on the latest inmobile devices. We are totally cross-platform, using Palm OS, RIM Blackberry, Pocket PC, andother mobile devices.MERP System Integration ServicesThe final part of our start to finish solution, integrates the new mobile system with your existinglegacy system we work with your IT for a smooth integration. Furthermore we stay with you afterthe integration to handle any problems that should arise. The success of mobile technologyintegration is important to us.Are You Ready to Design Your Mobile Network?Then let us help you by sending you a FREE copy our white paper “Handheld ApplicationGuidebook” this white paper is a blueprint on how to create a mobile network in this white paperyou will learn: • Getting a plan in place • Budgeting for Handhelds • The Reality of Multiple Devices • The Importance of Training • Managing a Mobile Network • Security ConcernsSo why are we sending you this white paper with our secrets on how to create a mobile network?Because we know that once you know how a mobile network is created and how it can benefityour business. You will be able to have that network deployed knowing that because you plannedthat network you have avoided the mistakes that could lead to failure. But that not all we don’twant to leave you hanging when you send for the white paper you will also get a consultationfrom our mobile consultant to ask us questions about your mobile needs.To download a FREE copy visit “Handheld Application Guidebook”.http://www.atcusa.com/whitepapers/Synchrologic%20Whitepapers/Published%20Handheld%20Applications%20Guidebook.pdf
  4. 4. If your are interested in learning more about mobility contact:Howard LeeCIOWirehead TechnologyTel: 773-506-7215Email: wireheadtec@gmail.comWeb: www.wirehead.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/wire123