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WinbizSolutionsIndia : A Leading Provider of Custom Illustration Services

WinBizSolutionsIndia is one of the most reputed companies offering world-class illustration services to its global clientele who come from diverse industries such as healthcare, research & development, education, publishing, media & entertainment, etc. This PPT deck would walk you through the various illustration services that we provide so that you can understand if we can work together on your upcoming illustration projects.

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WinbizSolutionsIndia : A Leading Provider of Custom Illustration Services

  1. 1. ILLUSTRATION SERVICESwinbizsolutionsindia.com
  2. 2. ILLUSTRATION SERVICES AT WINBIZSOLUTIONS: WinBizSolutionsIndia provides top-notch illustration services to clients belonging to diverse industry verticals. Our professionals are highly creative and can use simple yet powerful designing techniques to convey messages in a more interesting way.
  3. 3. OUR BOOK ILLUSTRATION SERVICES INCLUDE: ● Book Illustration ● Storyboard Illustration ● Fashion Illustration ● Medical Illustration ● Advertising Illustration ● Character Illustration ● Architectural Illustration ● 3D Illustration ● Scientific Illustration
  4. 4. BOOK ILLUSTRATION SERVICES WinBizSolutions prides itself in being one of the most professional book illustration companies in India. Reach us to know how we can help you.
  5. 5. We offer diverse book illustration services that fall under the following categories: BOOK COVER ILLUSTRATION COMIC BOOK ILLUSTRATION CARTOON ILLUSTRATION
  6. 6. CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATION SERVICES INCLUDE ● Book Illustration ● Character Art Illustration ● Cover Art Illustration WinBizSolutions offers a wide variety of illustration design solutions including children’s book illustration services.We elevate the aesthetic value of a book and also help to widen the imagination of the readers, thereby promoting an immersive reading experience.
  7. 7. STORYBOARD ILLUSTRATION SERVICES WinBizSolutions offers world-class storyboard illustration services to support the creation of cartoon and animation-based movies at industry- leading prices.
  8. 8. OUR STORYBOARD CREATION PROCESS INCLUDE ● Illustration ● Preparation ● Concept Design ● Story Structure ● Storyboard Post-Production ● Blocking
  9. 9. FASHION ILLUSTRATION SERVICES Our repute as a reliable company offering fashion illustration services has increased over the years. Contact us if you have queries or if you would like to associate with us.
  11. 11. MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION SERVICES WinBizSolutions offers exceptional medical illustration and design services. Our focus on accuracy and quality helped us to build a strong base globally.
  12. 12. OUR MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION SERVICES INCLUDE: ● Surgical Illustration ● Anatomical Illustration ● Opthalmology Illustration ● Veterinary Illustration ● Dental Illustration
  13. 13. ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION SERVICES We craft detailled illustration to support companies’ promotional campaigns. Marketing materials featuring appealing illustration are more likely to garner greater attention.
  14. 14. CHARACTER ILLUSTRATION SERVICES We create interesting character illustrations by combining color, hues, textures, emotions, and expressions in perfect harmony to create the overall personality of a character.
  15. 15. ARCHITECTURAL ILLUSTRATION SERVICES We support various real estate agencies and firms by delivering custom 2D or 3D architecture illustrations that effectively portray their residential or commercial properties.
  16. 16. 3D ILLUSTRATION SERVICES Explain your concepts in a detailed manner using our professional 3D illustration services. Create long-lasting impacts on your target audience with stunning artwork.
  17. 17. SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION SERVICES We have mastered various scientific illustration processes and our experts provide services to a wide range of customers. Reach us to know in detail how we can assist you.
  19. 19. BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING TO US: ● Cost-effective rates ● Deadline compliance ● Ability to embrace new technologies ● Complete security and confidentiality
  20. 20. THANK YOUFOR MOR E IN FOR MATION , VISIT www.winbizsolutionsindia.com