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Developing outstanding storyboards for web animations

This PDF sheds lights on some of the vital aspects associated with creating storyboard for web application and the like.

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Developing outstanding storyboards for web animations

  1. 1. Developing outstanding storyboards for web animations Animated videos are largely used in advertisement strategies these days. While developing these visuals, professionals make use of creative storyboard ideas, most of the times. Storyboard conveys the message in the form of scenes and words. These are put onto paper, after which necessary adjustments in the script as well as scenes are made. The developers use these materials to come up with the desired video. Well, storyboards have been a part of advertising for decades. With the inception of web animations as a key weapon for advertising, the necessity to create storyboard for web application has emerged like never before. No doubt, developing a storyboard for animated videos needs exceptional skills in understanding vari-ous components of multimedia. The importance of storyboards in animations Using storyboards, it becomes surprisingly easy to communicate ideas. Developers and designers use storyboards to convey their ideas in a more precise and effective manner. These are the simplest denominators of information. Storyboards provide adequate assistance in sketching UI animation themes while a team meeting is on the way. The feedback, too, can be immediately received. As a result, it is effective in saving time. While creating an animation, storyboards are necessary along with the video. This enables the developers to create the desired steps with precession, integrating the right sound effects, video effects and other elements in the right areas.
  2. 2. The process of storyboarding Today, the presentation of storyboards has gained a lot of sophistication, thanks to technology. During the 1930s, large cork boards were used to develop storyboards. Contemporary storyboards developed by companies look more like com-ic pages. It consists of various panels, each explaining the details of a particular snapshot. The developers synchronize these elements while developing the 2d animation storyboard. Evidently, the full visual carries all the information in sub-sequent panels. In web designing, every panel consists of a wireframe, a screenshot and even a microinteraction in sketched form. These are complemented with notes, explaining related aspects associated with the animation. You may choose between micro and macro storyboards, or polished ones or rough ones, as per the needs. At the outset, it is necessary to assess your end goal. In case you are planning a UI animation, you should carry on storyboarding and wireframing together. These processes should begin right after making the information architecture and user research. If you follow a more vigorous work-
  3. 3. flow, you may start developing the storyboard along with the designing process just like professionals offering animation services do. Animated storyboards coded with colours Besides developing wireframes in the black and white format, it is necessary to reserve two particular colours for storyboarding. These colours indicate a special animation or action. Experienced developers use bright and contrasting colours, like blue and orange, or red and yellow. This makes it easy to identify the infor- mation. Set the specifications Well, whi ger or shorter can ruin the actual purpose. Besides, the developers incorporate the right properties into the animations, with respect to colour, opacity, height and width. This influences the presentation of the message of the animated video as a whole. Check for consistency throughout the length of the visual as inconsistencies turnoff people. Experts have good eyes for elements that do not appear in the right place, or can be replaced with better alternatives. This enhances the qualitative values of the final product.
  4. 4. Numbering the panels Inordertoeaseupthedevelopingprocess,you should number all the panels of the animation; this avoids all sorts of confusions. The readers should be aware of the direction in which the story flows. Therefore, you need to keep the audience informed about the direction in which the story flows. The designers can also choose between horizontal and vertical layouts. When you use numerical panels, you can incorporate branching logic into the interactions. Besides, the developers are able to show various alternatives. Most of the time, the designers group multiple options under each panel and number them accordingly. This makes it easy to identify them for future reference. Well, you need to take all measures that cut down the time to develop animation. Incorporating the right numbers help to reduce the production time of the visuals. Use your own words to write the notes In order to make the understanding process simple, make sure to write your own words in the notes. You should include relevant details about the reason behind
  5. 5. the occurrence of the animation. It is also necessary to justify the actions in animations with a strong reason. Thus the developer gets a clearer idea about the causes behind each action. Besides, you may have to clarify these actions in the visuals to others. This makes it necessary to simplify the notes as much as possible. In the notes, be clear to specify the exact events that cause a certain act to take place. Besides, it is necessary to specify how the actions get animated. These may include various facial expressions, gestures and other movements of the body including many other things. Lastly, mention the reason behind the role of the animated video in enhancing the interaction. Look out for your colour code as well. You may use two different colours for words indicating interaction. Use another colour for words indicating descriptive actions. Using the animated colour assists the developer when he synchronizes the texts and images into action in the animation. A few additional storyboarding tips for web The most common hassle faced by the companies is in regard of establishing a rapport with the developers. Besides, they do not standardize the visuals while implementation. You should take care of both these elements with equal care. Inexperienced handling of animations can lead to inconsistencies in interpretation of the message conveyed by the visuals. Often, the audiences do not get the de-sired feeling from these animations. Therefore, professional documentation and communication should be carried out while developing a storyboard. These are important not only from the technical perspective. It brings people working on a project closer, enhancing the process of collaboration. There are a lot of companies offering storyboard illustration services who can help you in the same. Just make sure that you have chosen the best people to associate with.