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AI en de vermenselijking van digital marketing en service

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Presentatie voor Online Tuesday #71 over Artificial Intelligence en de vermenselijking van online marketing en service.

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AI en de vermenselijking van digital marketing en service

  1. 1. Hello.
  2. 2. Getting the customer job done Customer experience in a connected world Automating conversations to get the customer job done Smart. Personal. Easy. Personal conversations on every channel or device
  4. 4. Bijna vier jaar geleden stond ik hier ook. Met dit verhaal. Ik trok drie conclusies
  5. 5. Een sterk merk heeft meerwaarde
  6. 6. Consumenten hebben een job to be done, maar geen plan
  7. 7. Ze hebben behoefte aan service die ze maar zelden krijgen
  8. 8. En de kansen liggen voor het oprapen
  9. 9. Digitale transformaties …
  10. 10. Big Data…
  11. 11. Programmatic komt naar TV…
  12. 12. Clickfarms…
  13. 13. En gaat feitelijk over bereik…
  14. 14. En daar wringt de schoen..
  15. 15. Digital interaction volume Growth rate Live Contact growth rate? WE MISSEN DE OPPORTUNITY ONDER ONZE NEUS... Digital interaction already 10x live Telematics and IOT will 10x that What if 10% is escalated to live…?
  16. 16. RESULTS Social media is slechts 2% van het live service volume Live contacts Social Media
  17. 17. Teveel vragen op social worden nooit beantwoord
  18. 18. wordt in 50% van de gevallen niet beantwoord
  19. 19. 74% ONDANKS ALLE BIG DATA Source: ‘Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report’, Dimension Data, 2015 van consumenten is gefrustreerd met de onpersoonlijke service online
  20. 20. Broken journeys everywhere How do I start a Live Chat in My Company app? Where can I find the nearest Company store?
  21. 21. Please hold, while I transfer your call to the right department where you need to tell your story again!
  22. 22. We need to humanise digital…
  23. 23. …not robotise employees.
  24. 24. Gaat artificial intelligence ons helpen?
  25. 25. RESULTS Humans: 90% Random: 44% AI High-score: 58% AI Low-score: 32% WINOGRAD CHALLENGE Who is “he”? Babar wonders how he can get new clothing. Luckily, a very rich old man who has always been fond of little elephants understands right away that he is longing for a fine suit.
  26. 26. Er is een 50% kans dat er over 50 jaar sprake is van HLMI HLMI = High Level Machine Intelligence Source: WAT DE EXPERTS (WETENSCHAPPERS) DENKEN
  28. 28. Understand customer job (AND GET IT DONE!) Personalise communication Be responsive to behaviors & emotions Reduce uncertainty with notifications Be helpful and conversational Deliver on the brand promise Learn from each conversation Source: https://experiencemat ters.blog/2017/04/12/ report-humanizing- digital-interactions/ automating conversations to get the job done DE ZEVEN BEGINSELEN VAN HUMANISED DIGITAL ASSISTANCE (& smart chatbots) Based on
  29. 29. T-Mobile: From static Q&A to intelligent, dynamic & conversational
  30. 30. Customer Adoption
  31. 31. Customer Satisfaction
  32. 32. Ohra Pet insurance Case study
  33. 33. • Key objectives: • Increase online conversion rates from new campaign • Go live within 10 weeks • Key assumption: • Offering automated pro-active, conversational support in the consumer decision journey can improve the experience and increase conversion rates • Key challenge: • Offer web chat support with warm transfer, but prevent contact center to be flooded Pro-active support in the Consumer Decision Journey
  34. 34. • We designed a conversational chatbot that pops-up pro-actively when the consumer is on relevant web pages (campaign site, product- pages, self-service portal etc) • It is designed to capture 30% to 50% of data that would normally be captured through a static form • Free format data entry is limited to prevent consumer failure Use conversations to capture data
  35. 35. • The bot captures the name of the pet first and uses that name in other parts of the conversation to increase engagement • We believe that consumers that feel engaged and have already invested time are more likely to stick to the end Make it personal to increase engagement
  36. 36. Guiding the customer journey • The bot compliments the consumer in a natural way to keep a fluent flow of the conversation • It guides the consumer to provide answers the bot is likely to understand to avoid the “sorry I don’t understand what you are saying”- experience
  37. 37. • At some points the conversation needs to be escalated to live for underwriting purposes • At other points in the journey escalation to live has been designed in with intent to increase the likelihood for a sale • We are currently in the process of evaluating based on data to optimise these escalations • For the future we are considering to develop a decision engine with machine learning algorithms to optimise conversation flows automatically Intentional escalation to live
  38. 38. The consumer chooses the channel • At the point of escalation to live a warm transfer to web chat is offered, but the consumer can make his own choice • The consumer can also be jumped to the sign-up form where all known data from the automated conversation is pre-filled • Escalation to a live contact occurs in less than 5% of conversations
  39. 39. Make consumers notice a human has stepped in • The escalation to web chat has been intentionally designed in a different interface to mark the transfer from bot to human • The live agent can review the entire conversation with the bot and continues where it was transferred
  40. 40. The first results are far above expectations A/B-tests show that conversion rates when the bot is offered are 35% to 100% higher
  41. 41. Bedankt.