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Expl. Trends final paper presentation

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Presentation of final paper for Exploring Trends

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Expl. Trends final paper presentation

  1. 1. Implementation of Wikispaces for Teaching and Learning Final paper presentation Tamra Willis Exploring Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology June 27, 2014
  2. 2. Advantages of using wikispaces in the classroom for teaching and learning https://www.flickr.com/photos/noble1885/877839966/ Topic
  3. 3. ➢ Become more familiar with wikispaces ➢ Understand how wikis can be used in instruction ➢ Investigate how wikis can increase student engagement and motivation ➢ Investigate how the implementation of wikis can meet the unique needs of students in classrooms today Reason for choosing topic
  4. 4. How can the use of wikis in education improve instruction and student achievement? ➢ What is a wikispace? ➢ How are they used in education? ➢ What are the advantages of using wikis over other technology? ➢ How can using wikis improve education? Primary question guiding research
  5. 5. Implementation of Wikispaces for Teaching and Learning http://www.flickr.com/photos/leif/6945868089/ Title
  6. 6. ➢ Researched articles describing uses of wikis in education - advantages and effects ○ Rod Library ○ Iowa AEA online - GALE ➢ Read Texts assigned for class ○ Teachers and Machines - Cuban ○ Building Online Learning Communities - Palloff & Pratt ○ Rewired - Rosen http://www.library.uni.edu/collections/special-collections/building-histories/rod-library Research process
  7. 7. ❖ Students today have unique needs and instruction must be designed to meet these needs ❖ Wikispaces can provide a free and easy to use tool to support student learning ❖ Wikis can increase motivation and engagement through active and collaborative learning experiences Major findings
  8. 8. Advantages of using wikis can be categorized into 5 areas: ❖ Accessibility ❖ Nature of collaboration ❖ Meeting the needs of students in this generation ❖ Increasing motivation and engagement ❖ Preparing students for the work world Major findings
  9. 9. ❖ Using wikis in the classroom can increase student engagement and motivation ❖ Classroom instruction requires redesign to better fit student needs ❖ Education must move from teacher- centered to learner-centered Implications for current/future practice
  10. 10. ❖ Classroom instruction must provide for collaborative activities/experiences ❖ Educational design must allow students the opportunity to construct new knowledge from past learning and new experiences ❖ Instruction must utilize current technologies, such as wikispaces Implications for current/future practice
  11. 11. ❖ Education must address 21st century skills ❖ Education must prepare students for work world ➢ completing assigned requirements ➢ creating content ➢ effectively working in groups ➢ effective written & oral communication ➢ critical thinking and problem solving ➢ curiosity and imagination Implications for current/future practice
  12. 12. 21st Century Learning Design http://www.teachthought.com/learning/9-characteristics-of-21st-century-learning
  13. 13. ❖ Teachers must collaborate to increase knowledge and understanding of instructional technology - such as integration of wikis ❖ Technology needs adequate training and support to be useful and effective ❖ Education reform is critical and will be initiated by educators who understand these implications http://schools.iclipart.com/dodl.php Implications for current/future practice
  14. 14. Thank you for your time. Tamra Willis Implementation of Wikispaces for Teaching and Learning http://static.iclipart. com/thumbs/532/batch_09/231013_166_zmrizgdil mpwzw_tnb.png