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Panel proposal-sxsw2016

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Proposal for the SXSW Panel Picker 2016. Math Men among Mad Men

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Panel proposal-sxsw2016

  1. 1. Math  Men  among  Mad  Men   SXSW  2016  –  Panel  proposal  
  2. 2. Descrip<on   You  feel  like  you  don't  fit  the  cool  world  of   adver<sing?     We  would  like  to  share    the  experience  of  2   nerds  that  are  living  among  Mad  Men  and   growing  a  global  business  in  adver<sing.     Interes<ng  encounters,  coincidences  and  also   some  insights  around  how  nerd  culture  is   influencing  business  and  the  corporate   environment.  
  3. 3. About  us   Alex  lives  in  San  Diego,  started  his  career  as  a   copywriter  and  started  his  first  search  marke<ng   agency  when  Google  was  not  even  in  Brazil  yet.   He’s  Head  of  Behavioral  Media  at  Mirum  and   Global  CEO  at  i-­‐Cherry  and  his  aspira<on  is  to   create  a  global  [proper]  Search  Marke<ng   agency.     On  his  free  <me  his  s<ll  learning  how  to  iron  his   shirts  for  mee<ngs.  
  4. 4. About  us   Willie  lives  in  London  and  is  a  search  marke<ng   specialist  working  with  it  for  more  than  10  years   now.  For  the  last  4  years  he’s  been  working  with   Alex  trying  to  figure  out  how  to  grow  a  search   marke<ng  business  globally  inside  a  big   adver<sing  group.     He  mastered  the  ability  to  blend  in  without   drinking  alcohol  (but  holding  a  glass  for  hours  in   corporate  events).  
  5. 5. How  did  we  meet?   We  met  properly  when  one  of  our  partners   couldn’t  go  to  SXSW  2010  and  Willie  got  his  spot   and  shared  the  room  with  Alex.  Since  then  the   passion  for  music,  work,  crea<ng  things  and  a   lot  of  coincidences  brought  them  to  work   together  in  2012  at  i-­‐Cherry.     From  this  period  i-­‐Cherry  went  from  a  30  people   company  to  more  than  70  people  with  presence   in  Latam,  Europe  and  USA.  
  6. 6. Where  did  the  idea  came  from?   We  think  that  nerd  culture  had  a  big  influence  on   mainstream  and  that  had  an  effect  on  the   corporate  environments  these  days  –  “ok,  we  all   know  that!”  –  you  might  think.     Our  inten<on  is  to  talk  a  bit  about  our  experience   and  the  challenges  we  faced  in  our  brief  path   crea<ng  a  global  business  around  search  marke<ng,   being  nerds  and  an<-­‐socials.     We  will  be  talking  about  how  we  got  where  we  are,   key  people  that  helped  us  on  this  way  and  <ps  to   survive  the  world  of  Mad  Men.