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[UniteKorea2013] Building your game strategy on BlackBerry 10

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유나이트 코리아 2013 발표자료: 유니티를 이용한 블랙베리 10 게임포팅 (케이시 윤)

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[UniteKorea2013] Building your game strategy on BlackBerry 10

  1. 1. 020 May 2013Building your game strategy on BlackBerry 10
  2. 2. 120 May 2013Casey YoonSenior Manager, Alliances & Business Development APACcyoon@blackberry.comTwitter: @caseyyoonBrett BibbyProduct Evangelistbrettb@unity3d.com
  3. 3. 220 May 2013Why Game Developers Should developon
  4. 4. 320 May 2013 320 May 2013
  5. 5. 420 May 201376,000,000 Blackberry fans can’t be wrongZ10 Q10
  6. 6. 520 May 2013Very low device fragmentation1280x720TouchDual Core 1.5 GHzQualcomm or TI4G LTE2GB RAMNFC SupportMicro SDSwappable battery720x720Touch+HW keyboardDual Core 1.5 GHzQualcomm4G LTE2GB RAMNFC SupportMicro SDSwappable battery
  7. 7. 620 May 2013 620 May 2013• Slide on international opportunities
  8. 8. 720 May 2013BLACKBERRY CARES ABOUT SOCIALAPP DISCOVERYBBMTM Connected apps are 15x more likely to bedownloadedSOCIAL EXPERIENCE BUILT-IN TO APPWORLDIn BlackBerry 10, users recommend and can discover whattheir friends have downloaded. more, use more appsDOWNLOAD MORE APPSThe fastest growing app store in the world – up by 226%.BlackBerry users download more than 2 million apps perday.GENERATE MORE REVENUEAverage monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is higherthan on any other platformBLACKBERRY PEOPLE WILL WANT IT
  9. 9. 820 May 2013C++/QtCascadesHTML5 BlackBerry®WebWorks™C/C++Native SDKJava Android™RuntimeActionScriptAdobe® AIR®Open Ecosystem – Developers Decide
  10. 10. 920 May 2013Commercial BB10 release:2Q2013The top cross platform game engine support
  11. 11. 1020 May 2013Developers wantStandards (POSIX, STL,open source, OpenGL, …)A rock solid OSGreat toolingLow device fragmentationSmooth app submissionUsers willing to pay!BlackBerry IS serious about gaming!
  12. 12. 1120 May 2013Social game discovery powered by ScoreloopThe Games: preloaded application on the home screenof BlackBerry 10The best possible discoverability:– Featured games banner– Games promoted in the 1st time flow– Social sharing and discovery: activity timeline– Marketing messages on the timeline– Recommend a game– Form a group and create a community (BBM Channels)Discoverability drives downloads and revenueThe Games utilizes rich social information and offersways to compare achievements with friends
  13. 13. 1220 May 20131. Streamline your development and design resourcesScoreloop SDK brings key social features: leaderboards, achievements, challenges to your game fast & easyDefault UI: developers can design custom UIs or utilize Default UI to present the scores, achievements2. Better visibility to your gameSocial sharing, recommendation and comparison offer better visibility to higher number of social games on BlackBerry 103. Leverage viral marketingAll games will be social and social will drive discoverabilityAll social games will get visibility on BlackBerry World and on the Games appScoreloop: Connecting games and the people who play them
  14. 14. 1320 May 2013• Unity support for Bluetooth HID Gamepads through theGamepad library• Steelseries FREE and Gametel gamepad supported outof the box• Wii Remote game pad supported.Gamepad Support
  15. 15. 1420 May 2013 1420 May 2013+It is super easy to port Unity games forBlackBerry 10!• Full SKU support for all BlackBerry 10 Devices• Every Unity mobile game out there can be ported to BlackBerry 10• Super easy porting process – you will see!• Monetization through BlackBerry Payment Services• Out-of-the-box Gamepad Support• Optimized for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
  16. 16. 1520 May 2013Brett in action!BlackBerry®Z10smartphone
  17. 17. 1620 May 2013Demo of Angry BotsBlackBerry®Z10smartphone
  18. 18. 1720 May 2013Unity GameUnity Games
  19. 19. 1820 May 2013BlackBerry 10 Now Offers More Than 100,000 ApplicationsApplication catalog grew by more than 30,000 apps in theseven weeks since launch(since February 2:nd!)The biggest and fastest growing app ecosystem for a new mobile platformIndustry-leading reach: available in over 160 countriesCarrier Billing with over 50 major carriers across35+ countries and expanding rapidly
  20. 20. 1920 May 2013Source: RIM internal study; data to end of March 2012• 102% weekly averagesales increase• Average revenueincreases 100-300%• Carrier billing makesup 34% oftransactions• Make payments flexibleand easy• Attracts new customers• Increases discover• 27% buy 2+ itemseach month• 32% return to buy inthe next month• 25% spend morethan $4.99/monthIncreasescustomer reachDrives salesand revenueCustomerloyaltyThe Power of Carrier Billing
  21. 21. 2020 May 2013• Shows customers a higher level ofquality• Your game stands out.• May have higher profile in• Distinguished logo• BlackBerry World Marketing• Social & Digital Media support• Direct Marketing supportBuilt For BlackBerryProgramBenefits
  22. 22. 2120 May 2013• Genuine Entertainment Value• Built for BlackBerry form factor• Wisely use Processing, Memory and Battery power• Competitor port analysis• Free of malicious content• Provide a privacy policyBuilt for BlackBerry Selection Criteria
  23. 23. 2220 May 2013On BlackBerry 10BlackBerry World Will be the primary discovery vehicle for Applicationson BB10 With BB10 peak and flow functionality App World willbe a swipe away from the home screen Your app can be featured in Blackberry World anddisplayed in Grouped Banner22FeatureBannerGroupedBanner
  24. 24. 2320 May 2013Signup here for Unity Pro for BlackBerry 10Open Betadeveloper.blackberry.com/gamesSend email to:cyoon@blackberry.comBlackBerry®Z10smartphone