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The Need for Speed: Enabling DevOps through Enterprise Architecture | #DOES16

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This is a talk presented at the DevOps Enterprise Summit, 2016 by Mark Landy and Will Evans.

Have you ever wished you worked for a unicorn like Netflix or Amazon? Have your colleagues ever told you, “DevOps just won’t work here!” Many people hold the belief that DevOps is not achievable in distributed product teams, large enterprises, or highly regulated industries. This session is for the haters.

This is the story of a DevOps transformation inside the world’s largest healthcare company: how a highly siloed, matrixed IT organization is using enterprise architecture to leverage challenges and identify constraints, run experiments, and ultimately evolve into a highly resilient, customer-centric delivery organization that continuously re-aligns IT with business intent to continuously deliver value to the customer.

What began as a need for speed, led to experimenting with enterprise architecture to find ways to decrease lead-time across all of IT (versus optimizing specific functions or products) and focus on throughput. Through these experiments, the enterprise architecture group uncovered guiding principles that encourage the natural adoption of DevOps rather than the common, mega-enterprise practice of mandating the a top-down Framework or big-bang installing the hot new transformation of the year methodology (aka Bi-Model from Gartner).

Ultimately, horses (enterprise IT organizations (aka Clydesdales)) must learn the 3 Ways of unicorns or face extinction, but the key to the horse’s journey will be the most unlikely of guides: enterprise architecture.

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