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Ten Automatic Features in Word Worthy of Deactivation

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While you may love Microsoft Word, there might be parts of it you wish you could alter or avoid. Learn to deactivate ten features that you may find more annoying than helpful in Word 2016.

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Ten Automatic Features in Word Worthy of Deactivation

  1. 1. Automatic Features Worthy of Deactivation in Microsoft® Word 2016 Cover image © Comstock / Getty Images Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 10
  2. 2. You don’t have to put up with those annoying features within Word. Those features you might dislike but tolerate simply because no one has told you they can be turned off. Until now.
  3. 3. If you prefer to see a blank page when you start Word, not a screen full of options, then that screen, the Word Start screen, can easily be disabled. Deactivate the Start Screen
  4. 4. Ctrl+S Ctrl+OCtrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S l+OCtrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S rl+O rl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Using Ctrl+O or Ctrl+S brings up the the Open or Save As screens, respectively. If you find these screens to be an extra annoying step in a process that ends up at the traditional Open and Save dialog boxes, you can dismiss them. Restore the Traditional Open and Save Dialog Boxes Ctrl+OCtrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S Ctrl+O Ctrl+S
  5. 5. When you use the mouse to select text, Word displays the mini toolbar. You may find its assortment of commands useful, or you may just want to set the thing on fire. Turn Off the Mini Toolbar
  6. 6. When you’re selecting more than a single word, the mouse tends to grab text a full word at a time. If you want Word to select text by characters rather than by words, you can select that option. Select Text by Letter A
  7. 7. Click-and-Type is that feature where you can click anywhere in a document and start typing. The feature is evident by lines around the insertion pointer. Disable Click-and-Type
  8. 8. When you copy and paste text from one part of a document to another, the format is retained. Similarly, the format is kept when you paste text copied or cut from another document. If you like, you can direct Word to paste only plain text or attempt to paste formatted text. Paste Plain Text Only PLAIN TEXT
  9. 9. The final four items in the list of ten items worthy of deactivation fall under the domain of the AutoCorrect dialog box. Specifically, the overeager AutoFormat feature, which aggressively interrupts your writing with jarring suggestions you probably don’t want to see. Disable AutoFormat Features (×4)
  10. 10. Here are four annoying features you can disable: Automatic Bulleted Lists: This feature assumes that whenever you start a paragraph with an asterisk (*) you really want a bulleted list, so it changes the format. Automatic Numbered Lists: This feature works like Automatic Bullet Lists, but does the same annoying thing for any paragraph you start numbering. Border Lines: Type three dashes in a row and you see this feature activated. Use the Borders paragraph format instead. Format Beginning of List Item Like the One Before It: This feature assumes that just because the first word of the preceding paragraph is in bold or italics that you desire all other paragraphs to start that way as well.
  11. 11. Cover image © Comstock / Getty Images For Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Deactivating features you don’t like will save you time and aggravation. For more information on deactivating these features in Word, visit www.dummies.com.