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Liven Up Your Presentation in PowerPoint 2016

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Does your PowerPoint presentation feel boring? Looking for some ways to liven it up? PowerPoint 2016 offers a variety of ways to make a better PowerPoint presentation. Learn how to make your presentation more exciting by adding visual elements that will keep your audience engaged.

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Liven Up Your Presentation in PowerPoint 2016

  1. 1. Liven Up Your Presentation in PowerPoint® 2016 Photo credit © Matej Pribelsky/Getty Images
  2. 2. Take your PowerPoint presentation from yawns to applause by adding features that will capture your audience’s attention. Photo credit © Joshua Hodge Photography/iStockphoto
  3. 3. Adding visual elements like pictures, tables, charts, diagrams, and shapes can draw your reader in and keep them engaged. Photo credit © Henrik Jonsson/iStockphoto
  4. 4. Pictures Everyone likes a good graphic or photo, but more than that, audiences understand more from words and pictures combined than they do from words alone. A well-chosen image reinforces what you’re trying to convey in your presentation. Photo credit © Gunnar Pippel/Shutterstock
  5. 5. Tables A table is a great way to plead your case or defend your position. Raw table data is irrefutable – well, most of the time, anyway. Create a table when you want to demonstrate how the numbers back you up. Photo credit © cmcderm1/iStockphoto
  6. 6. Charts Nothing is more persuasive than a chart. The bars, pie slices, or columns show the audience instantaneously that production is up or down or that sector A is outperforming sector B. The audience can compare the data and see what’s what. Photo credit © Courtney Keating/iStockphoto
  7. 7. Diagrams A diagram is an excellent marriage of images and words. Diagrams allow an audience to literally visualize a concept, idea, or relationship, making it easier for you to present an abstract idea in a way that the audience can better understand. Photo credit © Peshkova/Getty Images
  8. 8. Shapes Lines and shapes can also be used to illustrate ideas and concepts. They can help to draw the eyes of your audience in the direction you want them to go. Photo credit © AntiMartina/Getty Images
  9. 9. Now that you know the secrets to making your next PowerPoint more visually stimulating, go get started. For more PowerPoint 2016 tips, visitwww.dummies.com. Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.