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The Merits of Mentoring

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Transform your organization by establishing and sustaining strong relationships.

From Starting Strong by Lois J. Zachary and Lory A Fishler. Learn how to make the first 90 days of any mentoring relationship a success: http://bit.ly/JbStartingStrong

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The Merits of Mentoring

  1. 1. As boomers depart and millennials arrive. new possibilities open up in the workforce. Mentoring offers one of the most effective ways to transform those possibilities into effective new realities. Establishing and sustaining mentoring relationships can strengthen recruitment, retention, and diversity, while also improving attitudes and performance. Among its many benefits: & ‘B J. & & More than 60% of college and graduate students & I‘ I3 ll 43 listed mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer. ‘ K K K K K K K K K K A W, o 0 o - o of companies report that mentoring programs are effective in increasing retention. ’ & O O 0 62% of employees who M have received mentoring say they are very likely to “U stay with their current employer. ’ 75% 67% 63% 2% , reported: reported: reported: Lenpportfgé Higher job Reduced Mentoring work retention absenteeism resulted in performance “st sawngs Career Career Career Positive Satisfaction Commitment Mobility Job Attitude . ..Attract Millcnnials 98% of millennials believe working with a mentor is necessary to career development. ‘ . ..Pr0m0tc Women 44% of CEOs identified mentoring programs as one of the three most effective strategies for advancing women into senior management positions. ’ . ..Engagc Minorities A survey of nearly 3,000 Black managers found they valued mentoring at nearly ‘E double the rate of performance feedback. ‘ Mentoring provides a practical way to improve your organization by helping up-and-coming employees gain confidence, build trust, and create positive momentum. c-: —""'9—‘ ' Read Starting Strong by Lois Zachary and ‘ Lory A. Fischler to learn how to make the first 90 days of any mentoring relationship a success. 'MMHA ‘ Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). ’ Yellowbrick. ‘ CMSI Mentoring Solutions. ‘ Ragins BR. Cotton. ]L Mi| |er. ]S. Marginal Mentoring'. The Effects ofType of Mentor. Quality of Relationship. and Program Design on Work and Career Attitudes. Academy of Management joumal. 2000. 43(6): I I77-I I94. <http: //www. jstor. orgIdiscoverl I 0.2307! I 55634-1!uid=3739664&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=2 I |04S75038343>. " ManagingTomorrow's People: Millennials at work—perspectives from a new generation. PricewaterhouseCoopers survey. 2008. <https: llwww. pwc. de/ delprozessoptimierunglassets/ millennia| s_at_work_report08.pdf>. ’20|2 State of the Industry Report. American Society ofTraining 8: Development (ASTD). <http: llwww. astd. org/ Publications! Research-Reports/20 I 2/20 I 2-State-of-the-Industry>. ' National Black MBA Association. S S EY’ BA S S W A Wiley Brand