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Tips for Buying a Windows 10 Computer

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Buying a Windows 10 computer can seem like a daunting task. What features do you need? Should you get a touchscreen? What about hard drive space? With these easy to follow tips, you'll feel more confident that you'll find the right computer for you.

For more on Windows 10 visit www.dummies.com.

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Tips for Buying a Windows 10 Computer

  1. 1. Buying a Windows® 10 Computer Here are a few tips that can make buying a new Windows® 10 computer easier and help ensure you get the best computer for your needs: A touch screen is worth the cost if you’ll be using the tiled part of Windows® a lot. However, sometimes those with large fingers find using a touch screen to be an excruciating experience. Additionally, mouse-savvy users often find that using a mouse and a touch screen at the same time is an ergonomic pain. If you’re going to use a desktop, get a high-quality monitor, a solid keyboard, and a mouse that feels comfortable. Think about how much hard drive space you need. Microsoft’s online file storage service, OneDrive® , comes built into Windows® 10 desktop. You don’t need an antivirus and Internet security program preinstalled on your new PC. Windows® 10 comes with Windows® Defender, and it works great — for free. If you want to spend more money, go for a faster Internet connection and a better chair. You need both items much more than you need a marginally faster or bigger computer. Close-up of a tiled floor © Glowimages/Getty Images