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Curing Funnel Vision

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60% of all purchase decisions are made before customers enter your traditional sales funnel. Cure your funnel vision by creating sharable experiences through great products and services & focusing OUTSIDE the funnel.

Based on UnSelling: The New Customer Experience by Scott Stratten and published by Wiley. For more info, visit: UnsellingTheBook.com #unselling

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Curing Funnel Vision

  2. Here is the traditional sales funnel In the past, this is how we were supposed to think about and treat other humans.
  3. That was before social media shifted more information into the hands of our market and a negative review could spread around the world in a matter of hours.
  4. 60% of all purchase decisions are made before customers enter your funnel. Customers come prepared, educated, with trusted referrals in hand before you even get a chance to hear your pitch. We can’t have funnel vision.
  5. Here are all the ways your customers hear about your brand: Blogs, online reviews, trusted referrals, social media sites, your website. This is where most of the purchasing decisions are made.
  6. But wait, there’s more. Customers don’t stop being important once they’ve bought from you. Customers reenter the sales cloud and join the other voices. We need to create sharable experiences for our customers through great products and service.
  7. Focus OUTSIDE the funnel. Don’t bend over backwards for new prospects and leave your current customers to fend for themselves.
  8. Prescription for curing funnel vision in 3 easy steps:
  9. 1. Never, ever think of people as leads—online or offline. No one wants to be valued based on their possible future profit to you.
  10. 2. Create amazing products, services, and content first. If you put it out in the world, make it good.
  11. 3. Trusted referrals are the best marketing. When customers pass through your company funnel, they do not go live on some deserted island somewhere – they go back into the mix.
  12. Unselling is what happens when you understand the humanity of your market, produce a quality product, and create experiences that lead to trusted referrals. Learn more UnsellingTheBook.com