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Health 2020: the new European health policy. Renewing commitment to health and to health promotion

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Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, 27-29 September 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, at the 9th European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference.

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Health 2020: the new European health policy. Renewing commitment to health and to health promotion

  1. 1. Health 2020: the new European health policyRenewing commitment to health and to health promotion Zsuzsanna Jakab WHO Regional Director for Europe
  2. 2. International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) ConferencesArchive (http://www.iuhpeconference.net/en/archive.php?menuId=5)
  3. 3. WHO/Europe web site (http://www.euro.who.int/en/what-we-do/health- topics/health-policy/health-2020)
  4. 4. Tackling Europe’shealth challenges and priorities
  5. 5. Health 2020 and WHO reformEuropean policy framework for supporting actionacross government and society for healthand well-being
  6. 6. Why Health 2020?Improvements in health and well-being: significantbut uneven and unequal
  7. 7. Why Health 2020?Europe’s changing health landscape:new demands, challenges and opportunities
  8. 8. Why Health 2020?Economic opportunities and threats: need to championpublic health values and approaches
  9. 9. The development journey• Evidence-based• Experience-informed• Stakeholder(Peer)-reviewed
  10. 10. Building on public health history• WHO Constitution• Declaration of Alma-Ata• Health for All• Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion• Health21• Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and WealthIntegrated policy frameworkshave inspired health-generatingaction on all levels
  11. 11. Reaching higher and wider• Going upstream to address root causes• Making the case for whole-of-government and whole-of- society approaches• Offering a framework for integrated and coherent interventionsVisionA WHO European Region in which all people are enabled and supported in achieving their full health potential and well-being and in which countries, individually and jointly, work towards reducing inequities in health within the Region and beyond.
  12. 12. Health 2020 builds on strong values • Health as a fundamental human right • Solidarity, fairness and sustainability
  13. 13. Health 2020 – a common purpose,a shared responsibility Health 2020 goal To significantly improve health and well-being of populations, to reduce health inequities and to ensure sustainable people-centred health systemsHealth 2020 strategic objectives: stronger equity and better governance1. Working to improve health for all and reducing the health divide2. Improving leadership and participatory governance for health
  14. 14. Health 2020: four common policy prioritiesfor health The four priority areas are interlinked and are interdependent and mutually supportive Addressing them will require a combination of governance approaches that promote health, equity and well-being Investing in health through a life course approach and empowering people Tackling Europe’s major health challenges of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and communicable diseases Strengthening people-centred health systems and public health capacities, and emergency preparedness Creating supportive environments and resilient communities
  15. 15. Tackle the health divide Life expectancy at birth, in years 80Address the socialdeterminants of healthEmphasize action across 75the social gradient and onvulnerable groups European Region EU members before May 2004 EU members since May 2004 CISEnsure that continuousreduction of health 70inequities becomes acriterion in assessing EU: European Unionhealth systems’ CIS: Commonwealth of Independentperformance States 65 1970 1980 1990 2000
  16. 16. Stakeholder utility What’s in it for me?
  17. 17. Ministers of Health• Leadership• Health-system management• Influence• Problem solving• Engagement strategies• Intelligence exchange
  18. 18. Prime ministers other sectoral leaders• Economic case for investment in health• Upstream interventions• Health and well-being as barometers of development• New governance models
  19. 19. Public health agencies, advocates andacademicsHealth 2020:• builds unity in community• maps options and tradeoff for health improvement• enhances public health authority• stands up for public health• identifies research priorities
  20. 20. Health professionalsHealth 2020:• indentifies integrative strategies and new skills needed• link clinical interventions to equity and social determinants• advocates for strengthening health systems
  21. 21. Partner agenciesHealth 2020:• sets common targets• reduces duplication• enhances coherence
  22. 22. SocietyHealth 2020:• champions engagement and empowerment approaches• supports citizen/patient-centred systems• provides a platform for advocacy and collaboration
  23. 23. We are embarking on a new path … Photos: Donaldson, 2008
  24. 24. How can WHO help?• Support national policy reviews• Help analyse priority needs• Help engage presidents and prime ministers for whole-of-government and -society approaches• Build capacity
  25. 25. Health 2020:Towards a healthier Europe