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Storytelling: Finding the insights in research data

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Presentation at edUI
Understanding our users starts from user research. But the complexities of the user patterns, behaviors, perceptions, and motivations can be hard to communicate in ways that help the team really understand the mindset of their audience.
Stories let us shape research data into compelling narratives that build empathy and engage teams in the user journey and see both research insights and problems user experience through the eyes of your users.

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Storytelling: Finding the insights in research data

  1. 1. Storytelling Finding the insights in research data Whitney Quesenbery Center for Civic Design @civicdesign | @whitneyq
  2. 2. Lighting design to civic design
  3. 3. When you hear driver’s license office what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
  4. 4. Perhaps the least-loved government office Photo: The Oregonian Live
  5. 5. What’s the story in the data about voter registration?
  6. 6. The clerk’s view Part of my job but not part of my mission
  7. 7. The customer’s view Unexpected Unnecessary Extra time
  8. 8. “The information you provided today will be used to register you to vote or update your voter registration, unless you decline at this time.”
  9. 9. The story is never just one piece of data
  10. 10. Stories create change From a collaborative process Changed perspectives Honoring constraints Easy to explain Easy to do Photo MSTIL.ORG
  11. 11. Stories… Create a community
  12. 12. Too much data looks something like this
  13. 13. Or this.
  14. 14. Even a visualization needs a storyteller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo
  15. 15. Our brains are wired for stories 9,020,000 results on Google +
  16. 16. UX stories fill the gaps with real information… …instead of letting our brain make it up.
  17. 17. Stories create relationships
  18. 18. We all interpret a story in our own way
  19. 19. Sharing stories creates shared understanding
  20. 20. Stories are not a broadcast
  21. 21. A good story… is a springboard that changes the way a people think.
  22. 22. Stories start from juicy fragments Things you hear from more than one source Have a lot of action detail Have details that illuminate user data Surprise or contradict common beliefs And are clear, simple, and compelling.
  23. 23. We can use mini-stories to humanize data
  24. 24. Our experience of the world is shaped by our interpretations of it, the stories we tell ourselves.... so the key to personal transformation is story transformation. - Timothy Wilson, Redirect
  25. 25. You control the story by how you shape and tell it
  26. 26. Stories build empathy… and help you feel – not just understand – the way people experience something.
  27. 27. Why do people get so lost on our site?
  28. 28. What is the path of a cancer journey?
  29. 29. Stories put a face on data… and fill it out with rich details into a narrative that’s easy to understand
  30. 30. What story is this site telling?
  31. 31. What’s the trigger to commit? Rachel, Enthusiastic dreamer 28, finished one year at uni, works in an office Lives in North London with a partner Hasn’t settled down to a plan for her life First contact: OU ON TV Insomnia led Rachel to the OU, watching programs on the telly. She starts to enjoy the programmes and thinks about doing something to improve her career. It takes her a long time to act on this idea, but finally, she visits an Open Day. She spends ages thinking about it, sometimes browsing the web site, but also reading the brochures she has taken from the Open Day. On her third trip to an Open Day, she finally registers for an Openings course that’s about to begin.
  32. 32. eggs onions cabbage vinegar potato salmon Why are people searching for groceries on a university website?
  33. 33. Why are people searching for groceries on a university website?
  34. 34. Stories help us see patterns and use them to set priorities
  35. 35. ”Nurses don’t use technology”
  36. 36. It’s a story-rich world Learn to listen!
  37. 37. UX work is full of stories User research Ethnography Generative Site visits Personas Affinity analysis Card sorting Scenarios Storyboards Wireframes Prototypes Analytics Reviews Evaluative Usability Testing
  38. 38. Make the most of the stories you find
  39. 39. A story is successful when it gets used Based on real data The stories you want told Generate insights and empathy and lead to action!
  40. 40. Thank you. whitneyq@civicdesign.org @whitneyq civicdesign.org @civicdesign Storytelling for User Experience Rosenfeld Media