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Personal Branding 101: Young Professionals Event

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Personal Branding 101: Young Professionals Event

  1. 1. Not everyone can be Gandhi, but each of us has the power to make sure our own lives count – and it’s those millions of lives that will ultimately build a better world.! -- Jeffrey Skoll! !
  2. 2. Genevieve Whitaker, MPM, JD! CEO, The Whitaker Consultant Group! Young Professionals . Event, Kalima Center! 5.24.13!
  3. 3. Personal Brand:! Telling Your Story Heritage: Born & Raised on St. croix; lived in the mainland! Degrees: Govt & World Affairs; Law; Political Management ! Expertise: lobbying/advocacy; women's & children's rights
  4. 4. Education: Key to Sustaining Your Personal Brand Capacity Building: Continuing Education! Planning Tools: Franklin Covey Leadership ! 3 C's: Certifications provide Credibility & Credence
  5. 5. Personal Brand E-Library Dummies Series! Webinar Presentations
  6. 6. Networking: Social Entrepreneur ! Paying Forward Join local clubs, organization ! Create an organization tied to your work! Become involved politically (an advocate & lobbyist)
  7. 7. Sustaining Relationships Client: Seek new opportunities for other ways outside of a monetary exchange to stay connected ! Mentors: Periodically reach out (update emails; recognitions (e.g. Facebook post or Note tag); Use social media to stay in touch! Think Globally: seek relationship opportunities outside of your community (world view/outlook)
  8. 8. THANK YOU !!! Connect with me & my company ! ! @wcgconsult , @ gwhitaker4hmnty @renewvipolitics! LinkedIn.com/genwhitaker ! ! facebook.com/genwhitaker ! facebook.com/WhitakerConsulting ! E: info@wcgconsulting.net! W: wcgconsulting.net