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Nokia brand & design priorities

Nokia brand & design priorities
Keith Pardy & Alastair Curtis
Nokia Capital Markets Day 2006

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Nokia brand & design priorities

  1. The most loved & admired brand in the world.
  2. Our belief… No matter what makes us different, we share one thing.
  3. The uncomplicated desire to connect.
  4. To find what is important in people’s lives…
  5. First, we observe.
  6. The often small, the sometimes big moments of everyday.
  7. And then, we design.
  8. Observe then design.
  9. This is our very human approach to technology.
  10. Nokia wins consumer hearts by 4:1 margin…
  11. Four ways we’re evolving:
  12. Creative How we philosophy innovate. & culture. Observe then design How we Organize Express Around Nokia. Needs.
  13. Our ultimate goal:
  14. Products people fall in love with.
  15. Nokia Design, a world leader in design innovation, creativity & culture.
  16. Creative Culture.
  17. Multidisciplinary teams & collaboration.
  18. Inspiring environment.
  19. Celebrating ‘total design.’
  20. Observe then design.
  21. Simply beautiful objects that simply work.
  22. Grow meaning of Nokia.
  23. Achieve Explore Nokia Eseries Nokia Nseries Collaborative Technology Business solutions. leadership. From 15+ to 6 - 8 campaigns Connect Live Essence of Nokia. Design leadership
  24. To elevate the brand. Life. Love. Lust.
  25. A new way to present the Nokia brand. Expressive. Human. Storied. Emotional. Consistent.
  26. from…
  27. Designing the future.
  28. ‘Our interest is in the future because we are going to spend the rest of our lives there’.
  29. Innovation rules.
  30. innovation Never stop exploring.
  31. innovation Dare to be different.
  32. innovation Take more risks.
  33. innovation Rapid prototyping.
  34. innovation Become a champion.
  35. 2010 a view of the future.
  36. Connect
  37. Explore
  38. Product Faster love. to market. How we innovate. Creative philosophy & culture. Observe then design How we express Nokia. Organize around needs. Increased Simplify preference. choice.
  39. To create the most loved & admired brand in the world.
  40. Thank you.