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Product Research - Se7en

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Product Research on the 1995 movie, Se7en

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Product Research - Se7en

  1. 1. Product Research - Se7en http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/se7en/
  2. 2. The hands are a main focus in this part of the clip. The close up of the hands is effective as it’s a gruesome site, it makes the audience feel uncomfortable and disgusted. The hands are brittle and dirty this makes gives the audience the impression that the persons (whose hands theses belong to) are shady and secretive. The audience cannot see who the hands belong to. This adds to the idea that the person is secretive as they do not wish to be seen
  3. 3. The shadow sets an eerie atmosphere as you can’t see the person’s reaction to the trauma they are going though The man’s head is shaved, this makes the audience panic as it gives the impression there is more to what’s going on in the photo that they don’t know about, it excites the audience for what’s to come.
  4. 4. The ‘scribbles’ imply there is a negative barrier between the person in the photo and the person scribbling the photo out. It makes the audience feel one of the two may need protection from the other. The harsh ‘scribbles’ in this photo create a child-like atmosphere for the audience. Lack of maturity suggested.